[Inbox] Add search feature for Inbox/Conversations

Finding a specific message in the Canvas Inbox is a difficult task due to the lack of a search feature. This is compounded for instructors of large courses, who may have thousands of students over the course of just a single academic year. 


This is not a new request, but all previous feature requests around this topic have been archived:








Because this issue has such a disproportionate impact on instructors of large courses -- who have a large number of inbox messages -- there may be some alignment between this ongoing need and the Instructure Priority: Teaching & Learning at Scale initiative.

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Seems like a no brainer.....

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This is a "no-brainer." Needed long ago.

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Please, we really need to be able to keyword search the inbox messages. 

For example, students message me their username for an external app.  With a search feature I could see all the messages that mention that app and make my spreadsheet -- student real name & student nickname.  

With e-learning, I get soooooooooo many inbox messages.



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agreed - being able to search by keyword is critical even when classes are small, but especially when classes are large and Canvas requires sending individual messages to every student rather than a single email to all students (that really clutters up the Inbox)

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Guys...you designed an email application without a search feature.  That is one of the KEY features of email!  This request is three years old...please get on it!

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Agree - add a search feature!!

BTW, why can we not like or upvote responses anymore?? Or am I missing a new process? 😕

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It is absurd that we have an inbox that cannot be searched.

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It would be lovely if I could search my Inbox for threads/names/subjects, etc.

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lmao it is 2021 and I can't search my Canvas messages in the most basic ways, c'mon

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Totally agree....search functions are so ubiquitous nowadays for websites, documents, etc, that it is so so so sad that Canvas doesn't have one for course content or inbox "emails". It should really be a part of the default out-of-the-box system and not some sort of externally developed LTI-application (which when we checked costed way too much).