Message Students Directly From People Tab

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I would like to be able to message students from their "people" page.  This would allow me to more quickly and efficiently interact with the student in a variety of ways.


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For more information, please read through the Canvas Production Release Notes (2017-01-28) 


Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this idea so far.  I just added it to the September cohort which will open for vote tomorrow.  Please come back to vote!

Community Team
Community Team

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Community Novice

I would love it if we could send a message directly to the students phone (text or messenger).

Community Novice

This sounds like an excellent idea! Thanks, Scott!

Community Member

It would seem to me that anything that can speed up the communication process, while not impeding other Canvas functions is a good idea and to the advantage of instructors and students. 

Community Novice

I would also appreciate the ability to message a student outside of a specific context. 

Community Champion

I'm always in-favor of less clicks and consistency.

Add it to the gear regardless if you have profiles enabled or not.


Community Novice

Great idea.  A time saver.

Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

We're in the process of building a solution, that although won't solve the problem as described here, will solve this problem. Unfortunately I can't share details or timelines, but know we have something in the works around this.

Community Champion

I looked at this last week. It seems that the link you need to do this is provided from the User Details page.

It looks something like:

GET /conversations?context_id=course_54321&user_id=123456&user_name=Tom%20Brown

I think I got as far as parsing the information to generate the link and then testing it, but I hadn't applied it to the People page.

But it could be added to the People page. The hangup is that the user page is dynamically loaded, so you would have to reapply that to each student as more are loaded. That's not impossible, I did something similar (adding whenever new users are added) with my Canvas Roster Sorter script (see Course Roster Enhancements​)

But it's nice to know that Canvas is working on something so I don't need to write something. On the other hand, I could write it and then say it became obsolete by something Canvas did -- which is what I eventually hope would happen to all my scripts.