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In other  Gradebooks, we have been able to enter an "M" is a student hadn't submitted an assignment.  It would read the grade as a zero.  This is similar the EX feature you already have in Canvas.  I know in the individual view I can changed all Ungraded homework to read as a zero but this isn't practical if I don't grade the homework the same day it is submitted.  My teachers only enter a zero if student was present and that's grade they earned.  If they are absent, etc an M is a great way to distinguish they are still allowed to turn in the assignment but still affects their overall grade if it isn't turned in.



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For more information, please read through the Canvas Production Release Notes (2018-01-06) .

:smileyinfo: We recognize that the specifically requested "M" was not implemented.  M, like EX, is not a standard symbol globally, so the feature was intentionally designed without it. EX was already in place and the decision was made not to remove it.  We do not plan to add any additional non-standard symbols.  EX actually causes a lot of confusion and problems for our international users 😞

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Yes.  I will

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Below is what I posted in the original "Excuse Assignment in Gradebook" idea:

Along with the "EX" mark for and Excused Assignment, our district would also like to see a "Z" mark.  A "Z" mark would give the student a zero so it would affect their grade, but would also leave this assignment on the to-do list.  I understand that Canvas has a feature that will count all blank grades as zeros but many students and parents do not know about this or do not like to toggle back and forth.  This "Z" mark will force the issue and there are no surprises about grades for all involved.

EX = Excused Assignment that will not count toward or against a student's grade, and is not on the To-Do list

0 = Counts as a zero for a student's grade, and is not on the To-Do list

Z = Counts as a zero for a student's grade, and the assignment remains on the To-Do list


I would love to see some kind of mark (M, Z, or anything) that would count as a zero for a student's grade, but the Assignment would also remain on the To-Do list.

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Yes!  This really is a must.  I wonder why they didn't add more codes when they added the EX.  ​

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However this is implemented (see Canvas Studio: Excuse an assignment (Phase 1) for a reference to "phase 2" of implementation of additional Canvas-wide gradebook codes), please keep the PowerSchool gradebook sync in mind during the implementation.  For schools that rely on synchronizing grades back to PowerSchool, it is equally important that these flags synchronize where practical.  A grade in Canvas with a "missing" flag set should be synchronized back to PowerSchool with the PowerSchool "missing" flag set as well.

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This is a must for Canvas, please consider this as an add on.

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The M for missing assignments would be very helpful in letting parents and students know where they stand as far as grades go! It would help me as well to see which students are missing the grade and which are exempt.

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This one seems very simple. Please add!

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It would also be great to somehow flag students with x amount of missing assignments.

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I like this idea. I think it will be helpful in keeping track of some of the grading. Great idea!

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Yes! Please! I have heard this request from many of the 6-12 educators in our district. An "M" for missing and "A" for absent would be most beneficial for students and teachers. If the "M" and "A" counted as zero, the students would know where their grade stands if they don't do the work, but it would also communicate that the teacher is aware they were absent or didn't hand it in and is waiting for it to be turned in.