[Mobile - Canvas Student] Include mobile login in Theming options

Right now, if a user logs in to our Canvas instance on a mobile device, they have no way of knowing which Canvas instance they are logging in to. This is true of both mobile browser (left) and mobile app (right) logins.




While it is certainly possible to generate CSS that will style this login (this, for example) to match institutional branding, the trend towards more admin-friendly theming would be welcome here.

As there are numerous instances of Canvas in the wild -- I gather Instructure has been fairly successful in garnering institutional adoption -- and our students often have logins in several instances, some confirmation as to which instance they are logging into in the moment is really helpful. In fact, it supports our support team in sorting out user errors if we're able to ask "well, was the login where your username wasn't working blue with a lion on it?"


It would be really keen if the general login options could just be scaled to match the mobile login screen, perhaps thusly:

186531_Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 10.37.57 AM.pngScreen Shot 2016-06-10 at 10.37.57 AM.png

Note that all the magic I did to create this login page is toggle device mode in the Chrome Developer panel and roughly scale and center the desktop login. Seems like all the info necessary to create a branded mobile login is already in the Theme system. Please use it!

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Hi  @SethBattis 

First, I do see the correct school URL in both your mobile examples, albeit they are not branded, but they are clearly displayed. We teach our students that there are many instances of Canvas world-wide, and that they need to make sure they are in our school's instance. That being said, probably half the reasons for login failure are wrong instance here (the other half split between caps-lock on a public PC, and I just forgot my password).

All that being said, I do not find any similar requests (perhaps my keyword choice were bad), so will suggest that your idea open for voting during the next period.

You can learn more about the voting process at How does the voting process work for feature ideas?


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Well, if your keyword choice was bad, so was mine… I wrote it up because I couldn't find anything else!

(Truth in advertising: I can get what I want now… but I want to get it more easily and transparently!)


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Community Team

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I would love for this to happen since it's not as easy to discern ids and classes for mobile as it is via a web browser. 

 @xcotto ​, I think you and your colleagues would also be interested in voting this one up.

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Definitely Mark. I was getting to work the mobile app  CSS/JS. Looking forward to put my vote here Smiley Happy

here are some examples I did on Mobile for the Logo and Background :


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I would think this should be possible as our institution's branded authentication screen appears on my phone in both the browser and app for me to log-in.

Screenshot_20160824-081848.png          Screenshot_20160824-083900.png

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Community Team

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Community Team

 @SethBattis ‌

I wanted to check back on this one and see if you have been able to theme your mobile login through custom js/css in the theme editor.  This should be possible now!

Looking forward to hearing back form you!

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Community Team

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Good call on this feature,  @SethBattis ‌! #canvasteacher_new