[Modules] Allow instructor to change default so modules post to TOP of feed

I make my Modules the home page for my students, and I like for them to see the most recent information first.  As it is now, the default is for new modules and content to post to the bottom of the feed, which means I have to scroll all of the way to the bottom and Move Module to the top every single time I create a new module.  I'd love to be able to customize this feature so that all of my new module content automatically posts to the top so my kids always see newest first and I don't have to spend time scrolling!  It's a small thing, but I post an average of 5-6 assignments in one module a week, so as the year goes on, it gets tedious!

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I wholeheartedly second this! Think about the user experience for both sides. My school requires us to organize Canvas through modules (which is great), but the default of oldest at top is counter-intuitive all around. Why have the oldest at the top? Students then have to scroll through several screens sometimes to get to the current module if the teacher just goes with the default. 

And it is a pain to not just go with the default. Currently, the steps are: create new module; scroll down to find module, drag module to the top (very tedious with 20 modules), check to make sure the order of other modules wasn't accidentally messed up. 

In fact, I would go so far as to say that newest modules should default to the top, and the settings should allow people to change it if they want. 

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YES!!! I was actually about to post a similar idea, but I'll just add it here: It would be GREAT to have a little button/menu in the module creation window that allows the user to place the module at the top, bottom, or before/after an existing module of my choice. (Much like the menu you get when you move a module.)

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The default top-down works well for courses that are built in advance, because on the first day of class the most current module is the first module at the top of the list.  However, later in the semester, it creates for students a problem of tedious scrolling to get to current modules as seen in this recent post by a student https://community.canvaslms.com/ideas/16462-sort-modules-by-most-recent-to-oldest

Manually placing the current module at the top of the page changes the way the previous and next buttons move between modules, and might confuse students in courses where students are still working in the first module at the time the second is unlocked. 

An alternative solution that might also solve this problem would be to add an option for a module end date, after which the module remains available but drops to the bottom of the module page.  Since the finished modules will have been automatically moved to display at the end, canvas should still know what the previous page should be.

https://community.canvaslms.com/ideas/4636-modules-within-modules approaches the same problem by requesting organization levels that could be minimized.  I like that approach best, because it allows students who have been given adjusted schedules to have the appropriate modules displayed in order. 

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Please, please allow the new modules to post at the top.  It has been so inconvenient to scroll all the way down and drag it up, especially when we have so much content that has already been loaded by the school system. 

Teachers should have the ability to choose where content posts, at the top or bottom.  Please, please consider this humble request to make our lives easier during these trying times!  Many teachers will thank you.  I know of so many colleagues who have the same complaint but just do not know where to voice their opinion. 

Thank you, thank you for considering this request.  I am sure this tweak to the Canvas LMS is a piece of cake for a developer!  Please, please help us!  Thank you.

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I have to agree with this post, it is frustrating that I and students both have to scroll down a long list of modules to get to the current one.  

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I completely agree and think this should be a Canvas priority. The Canvas platform is not really practical for lower elementary grades but we are making the best of it. Most K-3 courses have modules organized by DAY- with assignments added each day (a new module every day). A six year old trying to find the newest assignments will be lost scrolling to the bottom of a module list so I reorganize them daily. I put a big STOP sign at the end of each day but can't remove the next button which would actually take them backwards because I reordered the modules to put the newest assignments at the top. please please please make these changes 🙂

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I know this is a small thing but would make it easier then having to move each one. Maybe making it in the settings so that you can choose which way you prefer - new to top or bottom that way everyone is happy.

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I agree, this should be the default setting. It makes no sense for teacher or student to have the newest be last. 

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Yes! This! Please! I drag new modules to the top every time. 

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So, yeah. When is this happening? Seems that many want it.