[Modules] Allow instructor to change default so modules post to TOP of feed

I make my Modules the home page for my students, and I like for them to see the most recent information first.  As it is now, the default is for new modules and content to post to the bottom of the feed, which means I have to scroll all of the way to the bottom and Move Module to the top every single time I create a new module.  I'd love to be able to customize this feature so that all of my new module content automatically posts to the top so my kids always see newest first and I don't have to spend time scrolling!  It's a small thing, but I post an average of 5-6 assignments in one module a week, so as the year goes on, it gets tedious!

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It was not. This is a poor option. 

Modules should either be created at the top or have the option to be selected.

Scrolling down and moving is unnecessary and cumbersome, especially with their current glitch with the kabob and accessing the more options.

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Please, Canvas, have the postings default to posting them at the top.  This is important for students, and families, interacting with multiple pages and knowing where to access the most current information.  

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YES TO THIS!! At the very least, a setting to allow a teacher to change the settings for each course would be appreciated. As it has been said numerous times, our district organizes our daily activities with modules, the most recent at the top. It would save some time for me to have the option for new modules to be at the top of the list.

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