[Modules] Hiding and Viewing Modules for Individual Sections

Parts of this have been mentioned in previous requests (Modules within Modules and others) and I wonder if this is more to do with the needs of K12 than beyond?


We run a model based on UK curriculum which may be different to other school models (10+ subjects in a timetable, classes selected by ability, external examinations in 2/3 year groups, different content taught depending on the class etc). Having begun our implementation of Canvas the last thing we wished to do is create individual courses for each class and teacher in a subject. With up to 9 classes in a subject this would be an administrative nightmare and would go against much of what I believe a VLE is for - forward facing, collaborative, personalised, sharing of resources etc.


The reality is at school level it is very very difficult to create a core course that is truly personalised without some form of conditions/restrictions especially as "content is king". We add our classes as separate sections which enables assignments to be posted to individual classes. We would dearly like Canvas to go further and enable this option for other content such as pages/links etc.


The idea being suggested though is for teachers to be able to hide/view modules for individual sections


This would allow content (pages, links etc) to be viewed by individual sections. It would give teachers and students the best of both worlds. Modules could be 'turned on' for all sections or individual sections. It would allow you to create differentiated blocks of content/resources eg for those students who are perhaps sitting the 'Higher Level' exam. It would also allow us to support subjects where they have banded/set ability groups. It would also support subjects where topics are done on rotation due to resourcing. It would also reduce the risk of common core subjects such as Maths/Science developing vast 'silos' of resources/modules and making navigation harder than it should be. Would it also be less messy than Conditional activities?


I know that some suggestions have talked about creating extra courses but with the majority of our students having up to 15 courses to manage, the last thing I wish to see is doubling up courses and reducing engagement.


I think this is more of a K12 issue and it would be nice to see a little bit of love sent their way...



I was at the Dutch Users Group consortium on Friday. This consortium represents a sizeable and growing number of universities, colleges and schools within the Netherlands. As a group, we identified a number of ideas we wished to take forward and the one above emerged as a clear favourite (without any prompting from me!)


This is now an idea that has support across multiple educational organisations and the benefits of this idea are seen as hugely positive and wide ranging.


As the last comment on this was 16 months ago and 2 years since the idea was published, it would be nice to know what progress, if any, has been made here.

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If it's an comfort Gideon, it's not just UK schools that use this structure. This is a very common scenario at our Institutions in the US. In my particular case, a large research institution with hundreds or thousands of students in the same lecture section that need to share content, but with many lab and discussion sections that need their own distinct content.

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I am comforted that we are experiencing the same issues as University of Michigan ;O)

I loved Ann Arbor when I stayed for a bit when my best friend was there in the 90s..

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Yes. The idea is so obvious that it’s not surprising as to be perceived as a universal need at every large school.

Kind of like the American electoral system: The two “top candidates” are so bad that the need for a (better) first choice is obvious. Yet the U.S. electoral system and culture is slanted against real inclusion beyond the two-party duopoly. (I’m thinking in particular about Gay Johnson, Libertarian candidate for U.S. president.)

Musings from Iowa,


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That setup is exactly my ideal too! I would add a few benefits to this layout:

- Head of Department can have an overview of all students in that particular year group studying their course.

- All students need to go to one place for that particular subject

- Announcements can be made once and reach all students and parents

- Consistency as a department is at an all time high

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We're investigating ways of accomplishing this, but I can't unfortunately communicate any timelines or commitments at this time.

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Community Coach

Latest Canvas update includes Announcements for Sections within a course. Are we on the right track?

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I'd love to know if there is any update/news on this? 

I know announcements and discussions are here/coming for sections. The last thing would be... modules! 

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Please do not limit this awesome idea to K12! We are in need of this also in Higher Ed. We have nursing courses that has a mix of first, second and third year students in the program. We have divided the students into sections to keep first years from seeing advanced material. We are now discovering that if we could build entire modules and only assign it to one section, it would make life very easy.  Great idea!

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I would like to add my scenario and why this feature would be helpful. I have a student informational course that I intend to keep even as students graduate. I often implement changes to the incoming freshman. It would be nice to reduce the clutter for my other students as the information does not pertain to them.