[New Quizzes] Automatically count points for new quizzes after creation

I usually don't know how many points a quiz will be worth before I make it. Classic Quizzes would just use the number of the points from the questions, but with New Quizzes it just stays at zero unless you manually go back and change it once you've made the quiz. This is annoying and one of several ways that Classic Quizzes is better than New Quizzes. 

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Thanks for sharing this idea. Many instructors find that the New Quizzes workflow is easier when they put a point total on the quiz when they initially create the assignment instead of going back to that screen after they've created the questions. The advantage of this workflow is that New Quizzes will automatically calculate what proportion of the total points each question should get according to the points the instructor has applied to that question—and assigning a top-down point total in turn makes it easy to create a comprehensible course grading scheme. As you note, though, adopting this workflow requires the instructor to decide ahead of time how many points the assignment will contribute to the total grade, so we've moved this idea forward for further discussion.

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I would like the option to allow both point tallying methods.

Some of my colleagues like their quizzes to be out of 10 or out of 100, for example, so inputting the score into the quiz settings is useful.

However other colleagues would like to use the sum of the points of each question for the quiz total possible score instead - which may not be known until after the quiz has been built. 

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