[New Quizzes] Carry Forward Correct Answers on Quiz Multiple Attempts

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

When a teacher assigns multiple attempts for an assignment it would be nice if the system would automatically perform one of the following during the student's next attempt:


1. Populate the correct answers from the previous attempt. 

2. Show only the incorrect problems from the previous attempt.

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Our students are frustrated and at times confused by seeing an entire blank quiz when they re-take it to make only a few corrections. Despite the step-by-step instructions we provide for quiz resubmissions, they continue to re-type their previous correct responses which adds time and no educational value to their learning experience. They often miss the required corrections, and re-submit the same incorrect responses again. We are in an adult education environment, and in general, our cohort has multiple barriers to learning and engagement. We fear that technical frustration will add to these barriers. This quiz issue also has an impact on our assessors, as they spend unnecessary time talking students through procedural issues, and their marking process becomes lengthier than it should be as we are continually chasing students when they have not completed the required resubmission questions. We need to make the process of re-submitting quizzes as simple as possible for our cohort and training staff.

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Thank you. Well stated. CANVAS - PLEASE do something about this. Is it

really that difficult to program quizzes to do this???

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Before our institution adopted CANVAS, I used a FREE program called Hot

Potatoes, which carried correct answers forward. Unfortunately, CANVAS and

Hot Potatoes are incompatible.

I understand that many other programs allow answers to be carried forward.

This leads me to assume that this feature would be neither extremely

difficult nor extremely expensive to implement. Yet, nothing ever happens.

Are we screaming into an abyss?

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The Chrome Extension "Form Vault" is a nice workaround one of our students discovered.  We allow students multiple attempts on homework assignments for an accuracy grade.  Form Vault will save their responses from an attempt.  Students can then try another attempt and Form Vault will populate all their previous answers.  Students will then only have to change the answers they know are incorrect from their first attempt.  We were so happy to find this for our students since CANVAS has not addressed this request from teachers.

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Great idea. I will suggest it to my students. Too bad we need workarounds, but it is good to have one when needed!

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We have multiple quizzes over multiple courses. Each time a student submits their answers, and there is something they have not answered correctly we expect them to re-submit. Unfortunately when they receive the quiz back - they must scroll down dozens of questions to find the question not answered correctly - and then CANVAS does not retain the answer they first submitted. We would like to see this changed so the student and assessor can see what was submitted in the earlier submission.

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This is a necessity for our RTO as our students find the process confusing and frustrating because the questions they have answered correctly are blank when they go back into the quiz to resubmit. They also cannot see their incorrect answers as they are also blank which means they need to open a 2nd tab on their computer and switch from one screen to the other to see their feedback. It would be better if the quiz was pre-populated and the answers they could make changes to were the incorrect ones.

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Join the army of us trying to get this changed! So FRUSTRATING!

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Super-frustrating, Katrina. For staff and students. Hoping this becomes a priority very soon.


We recently asked for feedback from our students about how they are using Canvas. This request is on the top of their wish list for improvement.

Here are a few comments from students:

  • Student 1 - "I would like to learn how to be able to enter in only the problems that I got incorrect on homework assignments, quizzes, etc. in Canvas on extra attempts, because it is a pain in the rear when you have to plug all of your homework back in to get a 100 because you got a simple mistake on one question wrong."
  • Student 2 - "I would like my teachers to learn how to create a quiz where we do not have to enter all our answers back in if you only got one question wrong."

When parents were asked, "What aspects of how teachers use Canvas are LEAST helpful in supporting your child's learning?" A parent responded, "Using the quiz module for homework -- if a student gets some answers wrong they have to resubmit the entire quiz (including answers they got correct) -- this causes a lot of extra time wasted having to put all answers in again. Students should be able to just input the wrong answers."

Our teachers and staff echo these same sentiments. Please consider encouraging more of your users to vote this up so that we can get Canvas to prioritizing this feature as it is a real constraint on learning.