[New Quizzes] Create Item Banks from MSWord

It would be useful that when you create a question [item] bank at the account level being able to upload a huge number of questions once by using a word document. Now, the only way to do this is to create them one by one.




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With us currently making the transition from another LMS to Canvas it would be very helpful to have this feature.  We have a very large amount of users moving from the old LMS to the new one and it appears that we can only get question banks out of the old LMS in Word format.

One of our campuses paid for an app that converts word documents to QTI however it would be great if we could just upload Word documents directly and avoid the issue of having to use multiple tools to get the job done.

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There is a third party program that can generate test and pools form word documents. Respondus It would be awesome to have this feature added native into canvas, however this may act as a fix for some as they wait for this to be implemented. 

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It is wonderful to share their joy as the instructors at my college discover the various ways that systems like Canvas can help make their teaching more efficient.

  • Uploading their syllabus and handouts so I don't have to carry around extra copies?
  • Putting grade information online so my students stop hassling me about what their grades are?
  • Conducting quizzes online so I stop spending valuable class time watching them fill out Scantron forms?
    "Wait-- What? Why can't I just upload an MS Word document?"

I hope uploading quiz questions from MS Word (with *simple* formatting like Respondus requires) will make the current one-by-one slog a future bad memory.

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My college has access to Respondus, which can take tests made in a .doc format and turn it into a quiz on Canvas. The issue with this, is that our eLearning staff are (apparently?) the only people who have access to be able to do this.

I would LOVE for Canvas to create the option for instructors to upload our test files so we don't have to individually enter questions and answers in the format provided. That format is great for shorter tests, but my 80 question midterm? Not so much.

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Community Coach

mricks4158​, I think it depends on the type of license you have for Respondus. We have a site license and while our Online Learning Department will add quizzes to Canvas for faculty, we have a number of faculty who use Respondus and do their own quizzes.

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We only have a handful of licenses (like less than five, I think) at our Technical College for Respondus.  But I think Respondus is a great tool to be able to batch-upload lots of questions for a quiz/test/exam all at once.

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I would also add that being able to import from any text file (.txt, .rtf, .otf. .docx...) would be useful. It is a quick and cheap way to quickly create a batch of related questions for a question bank. ANGEL has a good version of this tool in terms of how to format questions consistently.