[New Quizzes] Delete quiz attempts

When averaging quiz attempts or when using "latest score" for a quiz, it would be helpful if instructors could delete a quiz attempt by a student. If there is a glitch, an inaccurate/ incomplete attempt shouldn't be allowed to hurt the student's grade.


In the Moderate quiz screen, clicking on a student's name shows their attempts. When viewing an attempt, there can be a button to either delete/ remove the attempt, or to not count its results.




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2022-07-12 -- After reviewing this long-existing idea, the Community Team has determined that this request will remain Open. While it was authored when only Classic Quizzes existed, the idea can be applied to New Quizzes as well. Ultimately, this will reduce the number of duplicated Idea requests and allow the conversation and collaboration to exist in a single space. 

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There does not appear to be a way to delete a quiz attempt by a student; it looks like the only option is to add a new attempt.  A student accidentally accessed a quiz and so it is now being recorded as an attempt with a grade of zero.  I would like to remove this attempt altogether so that it doesn't show in the grade book, but the only option is to either reopen the quiz (which would show the first question as incorrect) or schedule a new attempt (which would still show the accidental attempt).  It seems like there should be an option to remove an attempt in cases like this.

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Yes, PLEASE add this capability.

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Adding my support for this feature. In our case, the imperative reason why we need this is that when a student fails a course and retakes it, their previous quiz attempts show up and we need to be able to delete the past attempts. 

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We have a lot of requests for this. Please make it so. 🙂 

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Being able to delete an attempt is a CRITICAL feature. Please add this.



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It sounds like this has still not been implemented.  I really need to wipe a students quiz results.  I have a situation that they take a quiz after completing another activity, but if they don't do the activity they are not to take the quiz. It is kind of a survey quiz where they state that they followed the directions on the activity and did certain things. They did the survey but not the activity. I must delete this attempt. When are you going to add this to quizzes? It looks like it was asked for almost 7 years ago. Thank you.  

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The feature to allow a teacher to delete a quiz attempt needs to be made available. Sometime extra attempts does not help if you have it set to average a set of attempts and a timer is set, then it grades it as a zero. This feature would make it easier for students and teachers. Back to paper and pencil tests and quizzes until someone can help. 

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I'm a TA and the instructor for the class changed the date of an exam, but didn't change the availability for that exam on Canvas. I realized this just as the original exam availability started, but one student was able to start the exam at the original time. I was able to kick them out within a minute and also change the availability for the other students to prevent others from starting, but now this student has this meaningless attempt that I can't get rid of. The exam questions were also going to get changed, so it doesn't make sense here to give them an extra attempt because their first attempt is unrelated to any future attempts.

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I have to admit, I don't understand how after 6 years this hasn't been done.  I am thinking that Canvas no longer pays attention these forums or requests for features.  If something like is going to continue to be an issue, we may need to start asking our college to look at other options besides Canvas that are also open source.  Has Canvas gotten so big it no longer cares about its users?  Yes, that is my frustration showing.  Would sure love an answer from whoever is actually directing this endeavor.

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The inability to remove attempts means faculty do not have the ability to correct flawed calculations for quiz scores. Any scenario where the score is based on the first, last, or average of attempts can fail to be accurate due to this issue. at a minimum, if an attempt cannot be deleted there needs to be a way to exclude it, so the record is retained but does not affect the outcome.