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When averaging quiz attempts or when using "latest score" for a quiz, it would be helpful if instructors could delete a quiz attempt by a student. If there is a glitch, an inaccurate/ incomplete attempt shouldn't be allowed to hurt the student's grade.


In the Moderate quiz screen, clicking on a student's name shows their attempts. When viewing an attempt, there can be a button to either delete/ remove the attempt, or to not count its results.




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2022-07-12 -- After reviewing this long-existing idea, the Community Team has determined that this request will remain Open. While it was authored when only Classic Quizzes existed, the idea can be applied to New Quizzes as well. Ultimately, this will reduce the number of duplicated Idea requests and allow the conversation and collaboration to exist in a single space. 

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A potential enhancement? This should have been in Canvas from the start. No LMS is perfect, but this is definitely something that won't go over well as we pilot Canvas on our end. But at least it's in the pipeline.

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Right now, if a teacher checks out a quiz by "taking it," that counts as an attempt, and the quiz is now unfortunately locked from edits and unpublishing.  However, if the teacher were able to delete that faux "attempt," the test could be edited and reset.

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This is such a crucial feature! I've already had several students get zeroes on quizzes, dragging down their average between multiple attempts. How do we get this reopened for voting?!

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If a teacher takes a Canvas quiz from Student View, they are able to resent the "Test Student", and that removes the attempt on the quiz so that it can be deleted.

All Canvas quizzes can be edited after a student submission, so that is not an issue.

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I posted an answer for you in your resubmission of this feature request. You can use the Moderate Quiz feature to give a single student a re-attempt that will override his/er original attempt.

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Even with an added attempt, the student will still be hurt by the accidental submission if you're averaging the attempts for the final grade.

The best workaround I've found for that is to add the extra attempt and then go back and manually change their blank submission score to the average of the actual attempts. Quite a hassle....

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I would really like to see this option of deleting a student quiz attempt implemented in Canvas!!!!

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Deleting quiz attempts is an essential feature. It is too bad that voting took place over the summer.

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We STILL need this feature, so I'm trying again with this voting system: Delete quiz attempts

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Hello ecastro

No need to resubmit the idea... we will consider addressing this issue with the Canvas Studio: Modern Quizzing Engine​!