[New Quizzes] Download Quiz Statistics

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas LMS


Currently, there is no way to download or even print the entire Item analysis report from the new quiz feature in Canvas. This is a really useful feature that the original quizzes held. Please add this feature to the new Quizzes feature.

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I decided to go with the New Quizzes partly because I was told that the reporting capabilities were better than the classic quizzes. Can that be true given that the reporting capabilities of the New quizzes is so limited?

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This conversation was started 3 years ago and this feature is still absent. This is an essential feature and those of us who started using Canvas 3 years ago who were encouraged to start with New Quizzes with the promise of parity with the Classic Quizzes coming "soon" are frustrated. Can you please let us know a date of when we should expect the solution to the problem? And in the meantime, please provide a way to easily export "New Quizzes" to "Classic" format so we can down load .cvs while we wait for this to be implemented.



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While I have found the integration of Classic Canvas quiz into the workflow of my teaching to be good, and some question formats like HotSpots in New Quiz to be very helpful, I use Fill-in-Blank questions extensively. Seeing a spreadsheet immediately with every students responses to each question is extremely valuable to me.

In lecture and lab I give weekly short answer quizzes and review the questions immediately. Item analysis lets me know what question need the most work, but even then all errors are tabulated as “Other" responses I find that the errors made by students are more valuable to teaching than the numbers of correct responses.

And also, while grading I can use Excel to sort and filter the grade columns of answers to each question much faster and more reliably than “Speed”grader.  Especially if you remove the Speedgrader filter that allows grading all answers to a question at once.

If NewQuiz doesn’t have CSV export or similar reporting, I will have to move to another quizzing system. I am set for this semester since all of my quizzes are still Classic Quizzes. But I also teach all summer.

Please keep this feature functioning.

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This post is 3 years old, so it doesn't look like much is happening with this most basic requirement for a learning management system. I would much rather use D2L!

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We definitely need this ability. We have nursing students and the analytics of test questions need to be combined across all the sections from 3 campuses and if you cannot download the statistical data for the New Quizzes, this cannot be done. Not cool at all!

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Hitting this again because I'm hitting another situation where I need to be able to download student responses into some format other than the locked down reporting that new quizzes has. I do notice that the answer to this post that has a link to where it says this will be developed is no longer a functional link.

Would love to have a response from the dev team about the progress on this as so many people need this as core functionality.

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Please bring back ability to export quiz results that show each student's attempts (even if multiple attempts are allowed)

CSV format preferred, as this would allow flexibility and highest customization option for teaching staff to make use of it. Thanks!

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Maybe if enough of us comment on this it will eventually get done. I have been waiting way too long for this option to collect and evaluate student quiz/survey results.

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I just started using New Quizzes assuming that you could export the quiz answers from the students. In what universe does it make sense to have a quiz tool where you can't get the results? SurveyMonkey, Google Forms, MS Forms, old quizzes, all trivially allow you to get this data.

Now I have to throw away my quizzes and start again.