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Sometimes we may have typos in a quiz and because of that, or other reasons, we need to add extra time for everyone while the quiz is in progress. So far this cannot be done since the due date/time is fixed once the student has started the quiz. So could we add this feature so this can be done?


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This is a mission-critical feature for New Quizzes. Fire alarms, internet connectivity issues, device restarts in the middle of the exam, or broken links in the exam that cost students precious minutes during a timed exam are some of the many unforeseen reasons instructors may need to allow extra time during an in-progress quiz. 

Relatedly, these features should also get more attention: 

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I really thought I found a bug in New Quizzes when I discovered that the extra time does not work when it is set during an attempt in progress. But then I found this feature idea, so  apparently it is functioning as designed.

This should really be added before the deprecation of the Classic quizzes, it is an essential feature. Because it is possible in Classic quizzes, instructors will expect that it will work the same way in New Quizzes. If not, it will cause a lot of frustration for instructors and stress in students. Luckily we still have this feature default off.

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I am flabbergasted!  How has this critical issue not been taken care of yet?  We need this to work... please just get it done.

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Before students begin a New Quiz, you can change the time and what not, but once they start it, you can't edit the amount of time they have remaining.  You also have to manually reopen quizzes that have closed one by one, which sucks.  This all sucks.  I would like the option to moderate their time while they are working.

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I have found a workaround for this. 

Allocate the students that need the unplanned extra time their own time window in set up and you can adjust this as much as you need too. After the official time limit has passed, toggle the time limit off and reopen the exam for the students you need to give extra time too.  They will lose the countdown clock but will be able to continue with the exam until the "until" date and time has passed.

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@emily_smith2  I tried this and it worked.  Thank you for that.  It's a useful thing to know about in the right situation.  It doesn't, however, seem like a practical solution if you have a large class (large > 20 students, though YMMV) and you want to give all of them additional time for reasons such as those described in the original posting.   Also the fact that you have to wait until the time limit has elapsed (though I haven't tested it the other way) makes it not an exact solution to the use case originally posed.  I would appreciate correction if I am missing something (especially since my original thought on reading about the workaround was "this won't work.")

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@hesspe I did a little bit of testing.  You can turn off the timer while the quiz is in progress and it will remain visible for students already in the exam and when it runs out the quiz will submit.

However I couldn't re-open an attempt until it has been submitted and it does need to be done per student, unless anyone else knows of a way to do it in bulk but I couldnt see an obvious way to do it. 

So if you did need to do the whole cohort it could take a little bit of time to reopen it for everyone but it is possible.

You could always advise the students that they will get a 2-5 minute break after the exam, followed by an extra ?? minutes in the exam due to the error.

Changing the available from time will stop anyone getting a head start while you sort the reopening process.

Its not ideal but hopefully a solution for some, while we wait for canvas to sort out a real solution!

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@emily_smith2  thank you for the initial tip and subsequent testing.  It's a useful thing to have in your kit, and something I never would have figured out on my own.  "Adding time for student on in-progress attempt" does appear on the NQ roadmap for "before 2023" (along with the roadmap's watermark ""SUBJECT TO CHANGE").

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Problem statement:

In Classic Quizzes, it was possible to extend the the time limit on an in-progress attempt. This feature is useful for situations where an in-class quiz is interrupted by a fire drill or student is bumped out of a quiz due to a technology problem. As discussed at length in the New Quizzes hub (see Extending time on New Quizzes after students have begun the test), this feature is not available in New Quizzes and it is already sorely missed.

Proposed solution:

Allow instructors to extend the time limit on in-progress attempts for selected individual students or all students with in-progress attempts.

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Please implement this functionality