[New Quizzes] New Quizzes - include pictures in Matching and Categorization

I'm really pleased with most of the new quiz engine, except for a glaring flaw: Matching and Categorization-type quizzes not having the rich text editor enabled for question/category and answer fields. Back when we thought we'd be in the building in the fall, my colleagues and I prepared work including various sorting and matching activities. I'm trying to convert as much as I can to Canvas quizzes for remote learning, but not being able to use pictures in the question-answer pairs is a major roadblock, as we're a special education classroom in which many of the students have very low reading skills. We try to use a combination of pictures and text instead of text-only whenever possible.

Having the rich text editor enabled in all fields for Matching and Categorization quizzes, so that users can embed images into question-answer pairs themselves and not just the prompt, would help users to make content more accessible to students. It would also be more consistent with other question types such as Multiple Choice/Multiple Answer that have rich text enabled in the answer fields. Is this already on the agenda for the future, by any chance? If not, I would like to recommend that it be considered for future inclusion.

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In Categorization Question in New Quizzes, there is no option to upload an image as answers.

Having the option the image to upload images would be excellent to create Drag and Drop questions that have visuals. I think that dragging and dropping words is nice but the questions could be more effective with visual aids. 

If possible, please allow uploading images to the answers of Categorization questions in New Quizzes.

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Wow, I'm surprised this has not been discussed before. This would be incredibly useful and obvious for many subjects. Even using the RCE for matching and being able to use MathType would be great for matching expressions and equations in higher level math classes.

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This would be very helpful for chemistry, physics, or math teachers.  Many times, I would like to include pictures of molecules, an algebraic equation, or even just subscripts on chemical formulas for categorizing.  Adding the Rich Text editor in categorization and matching in both new quizzes and classic quizzes would be extremely helpful.

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Yes as a district Instructional Technology Integration Specialist, this is a feature that is requested often-please consider adding this ASAP. 

This would be extremely helpful for engaging students into their learning. 


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Teaching science online it would be SO incredibly helpful to have students categorize IMAGES of species, rock strata, and other examples of scientific content (galaxies, Earth-space-sun-moon relations, etc.). We are able to add images to multiple choice and I believe matching, why not also add it to categorizing!?


Thank you for the consideration and hopeful (actual) implementation of this feature in the near future.

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Yes please - This!


For each question I would like to upload 2 pictures (one reference and one which requires identification of a feature). I cannot find a way to do this without creating individual files to upload with both pictures embedded.


An option to directly upload 2 pictures for a question would be immensely helpful. Thank you.

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I'm very surprised this feature wasn't part of the original design.  Please add it asap.

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As a math teacher, I would love for students to be able to sort graphs and images into categories to demonstrate the example/counterexample type of thinking.  Being able to have the rich content editor that includes image upload and the math quill would be most helpful for using Canvas to still allow student opportunities for analyzation in an asynchronous platform.  

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Amen.  Being able to upload images in a rich-text editor in matching would open all sorts of options across my curriculum: identification-based sorting by image content, recognizing valid and invalid results in graphic contexts, and correct identification of non-textual, non-numeric outputs.  Hard to imagine a graphic option was not implemented in creating new quizzes.