New Quizzes: Next button for Module Progression

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

For details, please read through the  Canvas Release Notes (2021-07-17).

There should be a "Next" and "Previous" button in Quizzes like there is for regular quizzes, assignments, pages, etc. When a student is in the flow within a module, they are able to advance through the module by clicking "Next" at the bottom of the page (quiz, assignment, etc.). But when is in the module they are taken to a page where there is no "Next" or "Previous" and their flow within the module is interrupted. The student can click on "Return" at the top of the page, which returns them to the module, but it does not return them to the next item in the module, so their flow is interrupted.

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We can't use the new quizzes until this issue is resolved. Flow through the journey needs to be preserved.

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Agreed, I had hoped that the "Modules support for New Quizzes" in the roadmap would mean that New Quizzes could be added as meaningful components of a curated learning journey learners progress through, as Classic Quizzes are.  This is sort of bewildering to be honest, as one of the chief advantages of Canvas over competitors like Moodle is the ability to create really structured and meaningful progressive learning experiences with modules, and the New Quizzes just don't quite fit that ethos.

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I would use new Quizzes if the "Next" button was available. We need the students to keep moving forward rather than get distracted by a backward glitch. Please can we have this feature. 

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When can we expect this absolutely necessary fix to happen? Please make it a priority, Canvas Wizards!!

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This has been a problem in our modules for a while. 

What I do in my courses is create a page in the flow with a link to the quiz that opens a new tab/window.  I mention in the instructions of the quiz that it has opened in a new tab/window and once they have completed the quiz to close the window to return to the content.

Not ideal but it does allow students to remain in the flow of the course and not lose their place.

Next and previous buttons would be a lot easier.

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Just adding my desire for this feature.  Its absence totally disrupts the flow of lesson/module progression.

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We use (Pratice) Quizes in the module flow to move students from one page (lecture) to the next.

When experimenting with the new style of quiz (which is easier to generate and edit, I must say) I noticed it only took me to the course home page.

Why can't this type of quiz be built into the modle flow just like the other (classic style) quizzes???

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Hello. Thank you all for the comments about how this is impacting your students. I know I've heard from teachers before that they can deal with many things that are less than ideal, but there is a high priority around student facing impediments. 

Therefore, we're working to ensure we have a workflow which does not bump students out of a natural module progression. The Submit or Return buttons in New Quizzes would place the student back into the modules flow, so that the previous and next buttons will provide the familiar experience. It's work that is happening now, so you shouldn't be waiting much longer. 

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Really like the new quizzes. 
Really want to use them.
No Prev / Next button for Students - REALLY?

I can see tablet users have the progression option but not browser users.
Please add this.

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I share the sentiment of many in the community: why would a new system remove existing features? Really hard to comprehend.