New Quizzes: Partial Credit for Matching Questions

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

In new quizzes, there needs to be the ability to award partial credit for matching questions. At the current moment, it is either all or nothing. I know you can "fudge" points at the end, but we need the ability to make each matching item worth points. 

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Agree. This is a no brainer.  Canvas, why does this take so long to remedy this?  I am losing interest in creating my assessments on Canvas.

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Also for hotspots! For example, I do not want to create multiple questions with the same image... 

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Why not have a hotspot question with MULTIPLE areas to click on - like H5P and

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What is taking so long? New Quiz has so many great feature but NOT having graded Matching is preventing so many teachers from using the tool.

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Agreed with most of what was said. Additionally, there are many convoluted features in quizzes that can make it difficult to understand. Changing one point becomes a hassle and time consuming. Yes, why is this feature all or nothing with point designation? This needs to be fixed. 

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I wrote some javascript which awards partial credit for "new quiz" questions. See here for a blog post describing it.

Community Novice was introduced to our team in September, and I just started using it. Already, I've run into frantic students wondering if I'm going to give them 0 on matching question worth 10 points if they mix up 2 of them! This is ridiculous. Please fix this, the former quiz module awards partial credit, teacher expectation and student expectation is that there's partial credit for these types of questions. Going back to the former quiz type.

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When our institution adopted canvas in fall 2018 quizzes next was one of my

favorite new things, and I began planning on how I could improve my courses

by using it. Then I found about the silly no partial credit feature. So I

sadly abandoned my plans. But I was hopeful that this absolute no brainier

would be fixed. And I'm not a computer programmer but I bet it's not that

hard to fix this. Yet it still hasn't been fixed. This snacks of


On Sat, Feb 1, 2020, 12:26 PM <

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Thanks for sharing this! I tried it out, and it worked beautifully. However, I needed to run the snippet for each student's quiz submission. (There is a still a manual component to getting this to work as each student's grade needs to be run through an update, and it can only be completed after students take the quiz.) Is this correct? Or am I missing a step? I am a novice when it comes to code snippets and dev consoles, so any help would be appreciated.

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No, you are correct, my hack has to be run for each student's quiz submission, after the quiz has been submitted. Limitation of it being client-side javascript that essentially just clicks buttons on a webpage as if you were clicking them. 

PS, my approach to handling this is to hide all student grades until after I've run the partial grading script. Last semester, I only had to do it for my final exam so the pain wasn't too great for me. Grades have to be hidden in two views -- one from the Quiz.Next individual quiz settings, and another from the gradebook. Sobbing students in the hallway outside of one of my final exams before I had applied the partial-grade fix taught me really quickly that my assumptions about what students could and couldn't see were tragically incorrect ಠ_ಠ