[New Quizzes] Per-question Quiz grading workflow

Problem statement:

Basic usage: Especially for open response questions, I find it helpful to grade all student responses one question at a time. However, I just tried doing this with the new quiz interface that had 4 open-response questions, and I ended up losing most of my comments and grades for questions 1 through 3 because I had spent too long without saving my progress.

The problem seems to be that currently... * Comments and grades on individual questions are stored in the browser cache, and are not submitted to the server until you hit the "Update" button for a given student. * If you go back and forth between students, the browser is happy to keep all that information for you, but if you go too long, you may lose your session (?). In my case, I got a red message that said something about not having authorization to perform a certain action (I was just switching students at the time). * Now that I know it works this way, I know to only grade one question at a time for 10 or 15 students at a time, so I can lock in their results before wandering off to do other important tasks.

Additional use case: For larger exams, I usually distribute different questions to different TA's to grade, so that we can maintain better consistency across all (100+) students. The current setup for the new quizzes would require a TA to always go hit the Update button at the bottom of the quiz each time they move to a new question. For long quizzes/exams, that's rather tedious.

Proposed solution:

I have 3 solutions at different stages of effort/utility.

  1. Post a warning the first time a user navigates to another student without pressing the Update button to warn them that the information is only saved temporarily until they hit the Update button. At least this way nobody gets surprised and wastes hours of work.
  2. Provide a button that allows any information updated across students to be saved, regardless of which student you're on.
  3. Provide an alternate mode of grading that is specifically built for a grade-per-question workflow. This could be done by reusing the existing interface but only showing one question per student, or you might consider creating a new page that lists the answers of maybe 4 or 10 students at time, and allows you to work page by page through student responses, saving comments and grades for them in small batches.


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Status changed to: Will Not Consider

Thank you for sharing this idea with the Instructure Community!

While we appreciate your proposal, we also want to be transparent about the likelihood of something like this making it to production. In reviewing some of our recent feature proposals, unfortunately, this request was identified as one that the product team would not be able to include in their current or future plans.

When grading quiz questions in SpeedGrader, instructors click on the Update Scores button in order to assign a quiz score. We did not change this workflow with the introduction of Grade By Question, we facilitated that action by moving the Update button into the question box so that instructors would not have to scroll all the way down to the bottom.

Thank you for collaborating, and we hope that you submit another idea in the future!