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Please add a notification option (preferably turned on by default) that sends a reminder notification 24 hours before a quiz or an assignment is due, to any student who has not already submitted it.  Currently it is only possible to send these reminders manually.   If there were automatic due date reminders, it would significantly improve my quiz completion rates.

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they use to have this feature i don’t understand why they removed it

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I like that idea as well.  For us it would also be helpful to be able to send a reminder after the due date has passed, if the until date is still in the future.  This would remind the student they could still hand in late.  Some customisation of the notification would be a bonus.

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I use the options at top of any assignment column to email "student who... have not submitted". That is still manual reminder AFTER THE FACT (though I could choose to send this at any time, like a day before). And it is entirely customizable.

Though nice to have automated reminders as an OPTION on either instructor or student side.

- Laura Shulman



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I made another idea request that's related Smiley Happyhttps://community.canvaslms.com/ideas/16983-add-assignment-access-end-date-in-comment-section-for-al... 

It would be great if students get a notification of the end date for an overdue assignments in some way.  A suggestion is to automatically receive a comment that says "Incomplete assignment will be permanent zero by (end date)" once the system grades an overdue assignment as zero once it has passed the due date.  Currently the system has a function to grade all assignments automatically zero if they are not submitted by the due date but having an extra comment would be useful because students can see in their "Grades" section that an assignment is labeled "missing", grade is zero and the comment will show when they will lose access to submit their work.

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Possibly add to this a way to also send notifications to parents emails (at least for middle school students). Perhaps it could be a parent email integrated in with Canvas. Not all parents want to be observers and many have complained Canvas is too much, especially when multiple children use it at the same time. Parents just want to now quick, at a glance information,usually sent to them.... 

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This feature would be fantastic and eliminate the need for teachers and TAs to manually go in to "message all students." I hope this would be at the assignment level where one can turn off for certain assignments. Additionally, I would expect this to take into account due dates for different students on the same assignment.

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Hi Brian Renshaw - did you see the Aug 2019 update on Nudge?  A blog post: https://community.canvaslms.com/community/ideas/blog/2019/08/19/canvas-x-aug-2019-update 

I agree this would be a great feature and you have good ideas.

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Automated emails from Canvas reminding students "Hey, just to let you know, you have an assignment/quiz due in 24 hours and you haven't submitted it yet" would be really helpful. It'd even better if students could adjust when they want their reminders (i.e. sent 12 hours before the due date, 2 hours, etc.) and if they want to be reminded for submitted assignments too. The goal would be to reduce the amount of accidentally missed assignments.

The closest feature to this I've seen is notifications when a due date is changed and a new assignment is posted. As a student, this means I have to extra vigilant in knowing all my assignments, which is pretty stressful. 

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Yes, please. This feature is actually a request that a parent has made. This is not just good for teachers but students and parents too!