[Notifications] Discussion Notification: Activity that involves you

Similar to how Facebook notifies you when someone replies to your specific post, I would like this feature in Canvas.

In nearly all of my classes, we are required to make postings and answer student replies. However, there is not a notification feature that indicates when a student has commented on your specific post. We only receive general notifications that a student in your class has commented or posted something. On Facebook, this is called: "Activity that involves you" : You'll always get notifications about activity that involves you, like when someone tags you in a photo or comments on your post.

Essentially, I want to know when someone has replied to my specific post so I can address them back.

Currently, the notification options for Discussions are far to general (attached below)

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It's always interesting when Canvas itself is missing what the Canvas Community technology has built in.

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Please make this a feature. It is absolutely essential for having an actual discussion.

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Hello All,

I agree 100%: Students should have the option to "Subscribe" to individual Discussion posts made by themselves and others, as well as, choosing to "Subscribe" to the topic/thread. Thus, Notifications to the student will be more specific, and save time.

Within a few days of my first online course using Canvas, I quickly realized that the lack of such a feature would be a [and is] a pain in Discussion-heavy courses--which is nearly all of my courses. :smileyshocked:

Anyway, I hope this feature gets added into Canvas by the start of my next semester (August 19').

*fingers crossed* :smileylaugh:

-- Brittany

P.S. Why do we have to "vote" on these things? Why can't Canvas just change them--so that the improvement of virtual learning systems are immediately applicable? If something isn't functional with other established features, or is disliked by vast numbers of users, then Canvas personnel would remove the "feature/issue in question" and start from scratch (if needed). I guess what I'm trying to say is--I really don't understand the need for this "voting system". Looking at past "votes", peoples' well-liked ideas have been put on the back burner for years. 😕      #ImJustSaying

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Canvas needs to incorporate this feature or else not call its forums "Discussions". Every other app or web-based communications platform I've used is so eager to let me know that someone interacted with my posts.

I have students specifically asking me if this is an option.

It would be so! appreciated! if this feature was added soon in an update! The sooner the better!

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Hi all,

This is a no-brainer as far as I am concerned; all other major platforms enable users to receive notifications in the discussion forums if someone replies to your own parent post (both via email and also on the home page)...

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As it was stated above in this thread, I did get both email and in-app notifications from Canvas that someone else replied to this thread. It brought me back here, and now I'm commenting again. It works! So, Canvas has built this functionality into the LMS Community site. Please bring it to our Canvas courses! There's even a little bell icon that collects notifications at the top right of the red toolbar (pictured below). In my Canvas course, the top bar area is all blank white space to the right of the name of the course (also pictured below).325359_Screen Shot 2019-09-29 at 4.41.43 PM.png

325365_Screen Shot 2019-09-29 at 4.49.51 PM.png

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This would be very helpful for us and would be a great way to get students to participate in the discussions without having to scroll through the whole list. Many students have discussion notifications turned off (understandably), but if they were responded to or even "tagged," if that would be possible, they could know that without having to scroll through the entire discussion to find their post. It would certainly enrich discussions and lead to better student learning. 

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My life, and the life of many other online students, would be saved by this feature.  It would cut down on the time I have to go back in, search, and click on each one of my posts to view it in the discussion.  PLUS - I would not forget to go back in and reply to the comments of my peers.  PLUS PLUS - My peers would actually see my well thought out and constructive replies to their original posts.

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Wow, there are a lot of students requesting this feature. I would just like to add my voice that this would be very useful and improve my efficiency as an online student. Hope you can get this done soon!

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As a student, one of my biggest pain points with using Canvas for class discussions is that there is no option to be notified if someone else replies to one of my posts or comments. This forces me to either waste time checking for replies that may never come or to move on in the course and miss out on replies that others may post later.