[Notifications] Turn on/off notifications for groups

Problem statement:

When a group is used in Canvas, every teacher in the course will get notifications if students use “Announcements” in a group area. Every time a student posts an announcement (or creates a new one) the teacher will get a notification about this. There is no way to turn these specific notifications off. You can turn off Announcements on course level as a user, but then you will miss if Announcements are used within the course. This has become an issue and annoyance for teacher due to many emails (notifications from Canvas) from multiple groups.

Proposed solution:

Solution 1: Add account-level and course-level notifications for “group area settings” and give the user the ability to choose between the settings: “Notify immediately, Daily summary, Weekly summary or Notifications off”. Similarly to the design philosophy that’s already in Canvas. Preferably disabled as default. This will allow the user to turn off these specific notifications from groups and avoided the annoyance of getting spammed with notifications without risking of missing course-level announcements.

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