Pass Outcome Results from New Quizzes to Canvas

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

Standards based graded (a.k.a. Outcomes) is becoming more and more prevalent in education.  We use formative and summative assessments to determine whether outcomes (standards) are met. is the PERFECT tool to assess outcomes.  However, Canvas is our grade system and if we are grading based on outcomes, the outcome information from Quizzes.Next MUST be passed back to Canvas.  At this point we have to check outcomes that are aligned with assignments and those that are aligned with Quizzes.Next separately.  That just is counterintuitive when Quizzes.Next will soon be the Quiz tool in Canvas.  Please, please vote this up so it can be done soon!!!  The capability is there!  It just needs to make the priority list.


Here are some pictures describing the request/problem.  We just need the outcomes that are in Quizzes.Next to also show up in the Mastery Gradebook since that is where we are checking the Outcomes.  At the present time, they are not passed back to Canvas and cannot be viewed as being "met" in Canvas.


See below...

Here are the outcomes for the quiz:
And outcomes in a specific quiz question:
290769_image (1).png
And the outcomes analysis in Quizzes.Next
290770_image (2).png
And the outcomes report for the student outside of Quizzes.Next
290771_image (3).png
And Mastery Gradebook shows the same picture that is above.
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I agree, this would extremely useful!

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+1 linking quiz questions to mastery is necessary feature. This would then give self marking quizzes much more power as students access real time mastery data giving future direction.

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Having Canvas Quizzes linked directly to Mastery Learning Outcomes is a necessity. Teaching today is predicated on the reliance of valuable data such as that formulated by Canvas Quizzes. The oversight by Canvas in not having these two features needs to be rectified. 

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I absolutely agree with linking mastery learning outcomes to quizzes. Having this ability would be incredibly useful!

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Here, here! Couldn't agree more!

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Totally agree.  It seems pointless to have the new quizzes not feed into mastery.  Really frustrated me when I set up a whole lot of new quizzes, excited by the new features, only to find that they don't feed into mastery.  Really, really, really frustrated.

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Agree! The most effective feedback is immediate feedback. We love quizzes and need them to become best friends with outcomes now! 

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I agree, this would be useful. 

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I would totally use this if available.

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+1 This will make New Quizzes more than just a handy tool, it would make it a powerful assessment tool that will make all educator's jobs easier when properly implemented!