[Peer Review} Have two due dates for peer review assignments

For assignments that are setup for peer review, it would be useful to have two different due dates:
  • One for the students initial submission that will be reviewed by their peers
  • A second one for completing assigned peer reviews


In the current implementation, there is only one due date, which appears to be the due date for a students initial submission.  I infer this from the fact that it is the default date for assigning peer reviews to students.  From what my students have told them, once peer reviews are assigned they show up on their to-do list, but are already late since the due date is the only date for the assignment.


I think a clearer implementation would be to have an additional due date for the peer reviews, so that they don't appear to be late as soon as they are assigned.

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Does it still exist?  If so, can you please post a copy of the screenshot?  I'm curious because I think there are two simple ways to do this.  One is to put a new cell in Peer Reviews with the peer review deadline.   However, there might be an easier way.  In my case, I set a two-day grace period ("Until" in the Assign block) for the assignment itself that conveniently is also the window for students to complete peer reviews.   It would be easy to write a Python API that takes the "Until" date in the Assign block and uses it for the actual due date for the Peer Reviews and publishes it on the student's Dashboard in addition to the Assignment's original deadline.  No need for an extra cell.   But you could do it either way: 1. An extra cell in Peer Reviews or 2.  Take the "Until" date in the assignment as the Peer Review deadline.   

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It is in the comment of Allison, just scroll up. Here is the link she posted Dropbox - group_peer_reviews.jpg 

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I agree with the need for this. I have an online course which requires an initial post due Monday at midnight and then responses to at least two classmates due Wed at midnight. These need to be segregated so that I can see sho posted on time each day. 

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Seems like this Idea and "Add due date for completing peer review" should be folded in together.

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LISTEN UP CANVAS!  It is so painfully obvious that you need to add a feature to add a due date for the discussion!  Don't you have any actual teachers on staff?  Teaching 101: If you assign stuff, it needs a due date.

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It is absurd that Canvas doesn't take this seriously.  "Assign Peer Reviews" is the date they are assigned, not the date they are due.   I keep assignments open for a two-day grace period after the initial submittal deadline.  The database is populated with completed assignments, then the peers are assigned, two per student.  They only see the original due date and many of them miss my announcements, syllabus and reminders not to panic.   

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I am very disappointed that it is now February 2020 and this feature does still not exist.  For small classes I now create a No submission assignment which I can grade, but that means that I have to manually look up the names of reviewers in the list of authors of the actual assignment, in order to see who has submitted a peer review. A separate peer review assignment as someone above in the thread suggested sounds perfect. Please make this happen.

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I agree. This is a bane of our existence. The peer review process is fraught with issues that need improvement. Students are experiencing the disappearance of their information upon completing the rubric. Comments are often stored as PDFs by Canvas in the sidebar. The two due dates wreak havoc. I just tell students that they have a two-day grace period to complete their peer reviews. A lot of them ask for their peers in advance. Just not possible. The database is not populated sufficiently until the assignment deadline. I wish Canvas would listen. Even the experts on campus have not seen some of the inconsistencies that we experience on a daily basis.

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YES! Why isn't this a thing already!

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Yes, this is VERY MUCH needed. It is really confusing for students, and impossible to manage for instructors in a fair manner. It shouldn't be difficult to add, since you have this functionality for other assignments. What is the problem with adding it? Many users have begged for this feature for 5 years already...