[Peer Reviews] Enable filtering of student submissions before assigning peer reviews.

Problem statement:

Currently, the assigning of peer reviews can be done automatically, which saves a great deal of time. Unfortunately, students aren't perfect, and every batch of submissions I get has between one and ten submissions that don't meet the assignment parameters, are blank, or are plagiarized. I would like to be able to remove those from the pool before assigning peer reviews, instead of having to comb through the computer-assigned reviews and replacing these student submissions manually. It sounds like a little thing, but the process takes a significant amount of time and mental energy, and would be better handled by pre-filtering the submissions.

Proposed solution:

Enable a checkbox that removes specific student submissions from the pool of students to be assigned peer review partners.

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Thank you, @stevec, for submitting this idea. We've added it to the Improve cross-student collaboration and communication theme.