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As an instructor, I want a print button on the People tab that will generate a PDF or other printable document containing student names and photos in grid format. It'd be nice if the list could be sorted by groups, too.


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Originally posted by: Steve Hallman
Thank you especially for contributions by: Glen Parker, Miles Mancini, Richard Meyer

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I would LOVE to have an option to print the roster!!  I would like to easily export the names to do a grading sheet as well!  I would like to have the option of not printing their profile pictures though, I wouldn't need that.

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If the PDF could also include the email addresses as well, that would be great. Or perhaps have the option to select what information you wanted available.

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I would love a photo roster sorted by the groups I have made in my course. I have 64 teams across all my sections, and learning their names by the teams I have created would be efficient! However, I only see a way to print each section by photo roster and not groups.

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This is a solution I found to get larger pictures  

The fine folks at Seattle University devised a better way to print a class roster if you want just names and faces.

Here are the instructions: https://citlspscc.wordpress.com/2014/06/23/printing-your-canvas-roster-with-photos/  For this trick to work, you must use Chrome as your browser.

An internal solution would be nice though.

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Thanks for a great share. I tried it and it worked perfect. I agree Canvas should be able to set something up for us internally but thanks for a workaround for now.

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Check out this latest comment from  @llaplue ‌, where he mentions a Chrome extension in the Chrome store that can help with this, Canvas Class Roster Pics - Chrome Web Store.

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I agree - an option to export is very important - especially if you have 500+ students to keep track of.  And if they do this, they need to separate first and last names into separate fields.  Otherwise we'll be sorting by first name.

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Every teacher needs to print a classlist. I do not now how you take participation . i do it directly on classlist. plase add this function really quick . if you had a supercar whoutout wheels - printing claslist is the wheels. 

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This is something that should be relatively straightforward from Instructure to be able to generate. I have used the Chrome Hack (no longer works) I have used the CavasPics extension (no longer works).  Instructure there is the demand for it, I am betting someone could get it going pretty quickly on your end.  I would love to see this as a supported feature instead of relying on external developers to work on a hack to the system.