Quizzes.Next: Aligning Outcomes to Individual Quiz Questions

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I would like to recommend that Canvas add functionality to the LMS which would allow the user to align learning outcomes with individual quiz questions. It is sometimes the case that multiple learning outcomes will be assessed on the same quiz, with each outcome being assessed by one or more individual questions. In these instances, it would be helpful if one were able to align each question with the outcome it assesses. This would be helpful for our institution, which is a K12 institution, but I would imagine that this would benefit post-secondary institutions as well.


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This idea was completed with general availability of Quizzes.Next.  You can find more information about the overall project in the Quizzes.Next User Group.‌

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Instructure Alumni

This idea has moved to the next stage and will be open for voting among the Canvas Community, from Wed. January 6, 2016 - Wed. April 6, 2016.

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Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

Hello Canvas Family,

This is a feature we are considering for future development in the Modern Quizzing Engine. With a lot of thought and careful consideration, we are exploring ways to make this possible. There will me more to come as things progress.  We will not likely release this feature in the next six months, but it's definitely on the table.


Community Team
Community Team

This idea was moved from Under Consideration stage (no longer in use) to the Product Radar stage.  

This change was made as part of a feature idea process evolution.  Find more information, and contribute insights, by joining Focus Group: DRAFT Feature Idea Space

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Have there been any updates to this since last January?

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PLEASE add this!!!

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This would be great to have for comprehensive quizzes or tests. For small sectional quizzes the outcomes work great. But if you want to put together an "end of module" or "end of semester" test then it get's really messy. 

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Is there any update on this? Is this moving forward or is it still in the "being considered" stage?

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Is there a status update on this idea?  Being able to measure individual outcomes within a test or quiz is becoming a MUST in my district.  Hoping this will be in place soon.  

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Rumor has it it's coming out this summer. I've also heard that it's been piloted but it got pulled because it wasn't good enough. For K-12 this is an absolute must have and I know Canvas has been getting a little of push from school districts to implement this.