[Rich Content Editor] Require VTT file when uploading video with the RCE Upload Media tool

In the RCE faculty can upload video files in the Upload Media tool without also adding the VTT (caption) file. 

It is NOT that faculty do not know how to do this, they choose not to.
The act of adding video without the captions is a violation of section 508 - accessibility. 

How can our campus prevent faculty from uploading inaccessible video (no VTT) if it is not a requirement of the tool?
We have already asked our faculty, but they are not doing it.
There is no way for us to determine IF there is uncaptioned video in their Canvas courses - even with Ally (at this time) - so that we can be more forceful in our requirements. 

Can Canvas allow the Admin to require (settings option) VTT upload with all Video uploads? 

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Now that we have disabled the Upload Media tool to prevent faculty from adding Video without VTT, students required to upload media in the RCE for GRADED activities - are filling up their User Storage #08560989

We can't enable the Upload Media tool to fix the Graded User Storage issue - without allowing faculty to create inaccessible courses which is a violation of the law - section 508.

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How do faculty make a VTT caption?

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