[Rubrics] Allow Importing of Rubrics from csv Format

Similar to a previously archived idea here: (Create rubrics offline and then upload.), it would be very, very helpful to be able to create a rubric offline and then import it into either the course or to a specific assignment.


The interface to create a rubric requires extensive clicking and is very time-consuming, especially if I am working off a rubric provided by publisher (it contains maybe 30 different criteria).


If we could create it in say Excel, export it into .csv format, and then import it into either the course or a specific assignment, it would be much faster. In Excel, we have a complete grid available so we can enter points and titles very quickly.

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I've seen this work around and fear it might be a bridge too far for most of our teachers. An automated/simplified integrated solution would be ideal.  

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I would just like 1 simple thing.  If I create Rubric, can I open it, change the name, and when I save it, I would like to have the original and the new one.  I thought with a Generic Rubric, I could get 2 and change the new one. 

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Rubrics represent an important tool for students and instructors alike. It's worth the investment, I would think, from Canvas to facilitate their use by making it easier for instructors to manage them. Currently, there isn't an effective way to manage rubrics. But it's good to hear that this issue is on the radar.

I would like to be able to copy rubrics in and out of Commons. That way, I can share a single rubric that I invested hours of effort in across all my course sections. Instead, my only recourse is to painstakingly copy from one browser window to another.

I would like to be able to format the criterion descriptions to make them more student-friendly. Best practices indicate that we should provide examples of "good" achievement in the rubric, but this is not easy in a textbox that allows only unformatted text.

I would like to be able to change a criterion's top-level achievement and have the score values "ripple down" according to the number of levels I've created for that criterion--from "A" to "D" (or "F"). Instead, Canvas fights me when I change the top achievement score if I change it to something below the next score down, forcing me to work my way from "no" or "low" credit to "high" and then to get out the calculator to figure out what 75% of 7 is so I can fill in the score for a "C". 

I await future improvements to this important learning tool.

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Why has this been an item for 3 years? When will users be able to import Rubrics?

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This would greatly help moving rubrics from systems like TII into Canvas..... yes please

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It would be helpful if I was able to import a rubric that was built in Word or Exel. 

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Our college is just getting started with Canvas and we are in the process of migrating all of our courses from our current LMS.  Already the Deans have inquired about whether it is possible to upload a rubric.  We use rubrics heavily at our college especially for our institutional outcome assessment project.    

I did come across this solution but haven't tested it yet: https://support.canvas.fsu.edu/kb/article/741-installing-using-the-import-rubric-tool/  My concern is asking faculty to download these browser plugins.  It adds too many steps to the process.

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It would be great indeed if we coulp import a rubric as a CSV file.

It would be amazing if we could also export Canvas rubrics as CSV to use them into integrated apps, such as Turnitin.

Now, I need to create again the rubric in our antiplagiarism software. It could be easily done through a CSV...

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A thousand times, this!