[Rubrics] Create a student-accessible rubric for self-assessments

Our nursing and OTA staff are using self-assessments to help students evaluate their confidence in the skills they are learning for certification. The idea is that they can take this assessment and choose if they want to share it, see what things they need to brush up on and reflect on their experiences. Currently they are doing this on paper but as we go to more online course work, they would like to integrate this as an online activity within a course.

The peer review rubric as it is set up now would work, but we also like the model of the tests you take on social media that tell you that you're 90% geek!

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In our case, we just finished transitioning from Blackboard to Canvas over the past five semesters.  Canvas was sold to faculty and staff as a better LMS, and overall I believe it is.  But yes...  When you have some of these basic functionality items that your old LMS had, that your new - "better" - LMS doesn't have and doesn't seem interested in developing, it is disappointing.

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Please add this feature! I wish my students to rate their professionalism based on class participation and attendance, including assignment punctuality. I also wish them to review a peer as well!

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This would be a great feature for our 4000+ students. Keeping my fingers crossed that Canvas will develop this shortly. 

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Keen interest in this across a number of departments at our university.  Sound pedagogy.   Please add my voice to your chorus.  Does it still help to have my faculty "Vote Up"  the original proposal?

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Yes, please create this!  It has a lot of votes.  We needs students to fill out a rubric on their own to grade themselves on professionalism.  Then, later, the faculty will do a separate rubric to grade the student throughout the year.

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Pedagogically this would be a great feature. We would be able to help students get subject insights by make them think about what makes a good result and why. Further this can support students self-regulated learning. We need to help students build awareness on how learning don't require teachers to identify and provide the information they need to learn, and that learning is not driven by others. Using teacher created rubrics is supporting the notion that learning is just about passing the criteria set by others, not an intrinsic motivated activity for self progression. 

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Doing Group assignment with students and stumbled on this option - the ability to self review your group's work


I wonder how much more it would take to include this element for self assessment?

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Just following up on this, I really would like this added. The features I need are:

(1) Randomly assign (or manually assign) a peer

(2) Allow the student to GRADE their peer, by letting know WHO they graded. Reviewer Grades Reviewee

(3) This grade APPEARS in the Reviewee's Gradebook, but the reviewer is NOT identified.

Thank you!

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I would use this as well. For big projects, I currently print out the rubric (formatting is a pain) and have students grade themselves as part of the reflection. 

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