[Rubrics] Editing Capabilities for Rubrics

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For more information, please read through the Canvas Release Notes (2024-07-20) 

I would like to see some additional options for Rubrics.  Specifically, it would be nice to be able to:


  • Insert a new rubric row anywhere within an existing rubric.
  • Drag and drop an existing rubric row to another location in the same rubric.


Use case: I was building a rubric with 40+ rows for an instructor.  After about the 40th row of the rubric, I realized I had forgotten to add a criterion around row 20.  So, I had to delete rows 21 and beyond...insert the row I missed, and then re-add the rows I had initially added.  I soon learned you have to be really careful when building rubrics with lots of rows.

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This is for all the people that recently posted.  You may not be aware of the abilities of James Jones and his Canvas java scripts.  He has a page called canvancement that has all kinds of nice additions that regular users can incorporate by adding tampermonkey to their browser and uploading the java script he created.

There is one for rubrics for sorting, and I use it all the time now (Thank you James).


You can get to the base page of canvancement and see what else he has to offer - Quiz whiz for classic quizzes is excellent as well.



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Just discovered that my college's subscription to Cidi Labs DesignPlus enables the easy sorting of rows in Canvas rubrics. The "Make Rows Sortable" button appeared when I clicked Edit on the rubric page.

I still think this capability should be native in Canvas. If rubrics were easier to edit and manage, more instructors would use them!


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That is pretty nice, but for me I need free options - Which canvancements is.  In the sort rubrics script, you just click and drag the rubric row to wherever you want it.  Not sure which way is easier, but if they both work that is all that matters.   Although I really like the DesignPlus page looks.  I looked at their website and it looks like the price is for a sitewide license only (I did a very quick look) and not something an individual could buy.

I wonder what other nice things they have built into their design software.

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Have you tried SpeedGrader? I can view an added rubric to an assignment with an external tool through speed grader (but it really doesn't help if you can't see the assignment in the speed grader, so I realize that's probably another issue altogether).

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I could not believe this was not possible, and then this feature request is FIVE YEARS OLD?!? What are you doing over there Canvas people?? 

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Pretty **bleep**ty that this basic functionality can't be added to Canvas.

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Agreed.  This seems like it could be similar to how we rearrange modules--drop and click.  

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As many schools move from remote to hybrid and, hopefully, back to full-time, Canvas has become a staple in our teaching. I know many schools are considering what to keep and not keep for technology. Canvas is one that I know our district is planning to keep. There are great features like rubrics and external tools. However, with external tools, you can't use rubrics. This isn't a problem for google LTI, but many of my teachers are using Nearpods. I am suggesting an option, like for everything else, to add a rubric if the external tool can use a speed grader for grading. 

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