[Rubrics] Export/Input Scores (Assignment Grading Rubrics and SpeedGrader)

It would be useful for us if we could enable students to see exactly which questions they got partially or fully wrong. We use Assignment Grading rubrics and the SpeedGrader to individually input the scores for students. We export the scores from Assignment Grading Rubrics for individual questions en masse so that we can do statistics. Unfortunately, exporting the Gradebook to disk via a CSV file only exports the columns of total scores for the individual exams. That is, we cannot seem to be able to export the question scores themselves so that we can use Excel to find averages of student scores in the individual questions.

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I second this idea.  I would greatly appreciate the ability to analyze student performance on a per-problem basis, in addition to just looking at the overall assignment grade.  For example, if student grades are lower than expected, and this turns out to be because they all did terribly on one problem but did fine on the rest, I want to know that there is only one aspect of the assignment that was a sticking point.  The way gradebooks are currently exported, I am blind to that information unless I go through Speedgrader and manually look up each students' grade. 

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Another +1 to this idea.

I'm having the same problem as @jsowalsk and @NathanielWood. Also the lack of easy access to this internal speedgrader data causes me problems like this:

  • Multiple criteria in a rubric on a written assignment. How can I tell which criteria are performing well? This is necessary for feedback to class, and also necessary for ongoing calibration and maintenance of assessment items. It also contributes to my understanding of the sorts of assessment criteria that work in the courses I teach.
  • Multiple markers (graders) of a written assignment. How can I tell which markers have left something blank? How can I pick up markers who were wildly harsh or generous across a group?

So a simple .csv download of this data for a particular assignment would be lovely. Even better, include the comments as well, and list by student ID.

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