[Rubrics] Export aggregate rubric scores to identify strengths and weaknesses of class as a whole

I'd like Canvas to be able to generate a single table that shows the rubric line item scores for all students.  Then I would easily be able to tell which items students struggled most with, and plan subsequent lessons accordingly.

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 @jbower2 ​,

There was a similar, but broader, feature request   that was archived in August for failing to get 100 votes. There was some discussion there about exporting rubrics, and  @BKINNEY  had an LTI application she was using. I started writing a tool, but my primary job beckoned and I've got too many things going on, so nothing has been done for a couple of weeks.

There was also a discussion Export Rubrics  where  @r_v_jones ​ shared a script that he was using to do something similar.

If you haven't read those discussions yet, you might take a look at them. Some of them might be useful.

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Thank you for your submission,  @jbower2 ​. This idea will be open for vote during the next voting cycle.

You've already got a head start in that there seems to be already be some conversations around this topic (thanks  @James ​ for linking to those). You may want to go into these discussions and help generate some support for this idea.

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Community Team

This idea is now open for voting!

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Yes! We need to be able to get OUT all of the data we put INTO Canvas. If people are grading via a rubric the score isn't the composite score. The grade isn't 85 - it's 20, 30, 10, 15, 5. The components matter as much if not more than the composite. You're grading BY rubric criteria and students AND teachers need to be able to see and compare that data easily. While outcomes somewhat addresses these issues, the inability to assess one's own teaching and students' progress through a simple export of rubrics is a glaring lack of functionality.

Keep sharing this!


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I agree that it is really important to be able to export rubric scores.

A workaround that I used this semester is to use Outcomes to build your Rubrics:

1) In the "Outcomes" window I built a New Outcome for each Criterion that I want in my Rubric

2) I change the standard Outcome descriptors (Exceeds expectations, etc) for the descriptors I want for my rubric criterion

3) Then I make a new Rubric with all the Outcome Criteria I wrote previously.  Instead of using the "Add Criterion" button use the "Find Outcome" button.

4) Once I used the new rubrics in my course I was able to download the results using the Learning Mastery Gradebook

I hope this helps.

Arturo De Lozanne

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Thanks, Arturo!

If you keep doing this great of a job explaining your workflow we're going to make you teach a workshop. Smiley Wink



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Boy-oh-boy we would love to do this to gather more granular data around rubrics. Unfortunately, we are not going to be worked on in 2016. In the meanwhile, there is the option to get this data from the rubric if you tie criteria to an outcome.

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Is anyone out there using Outcomes well? We have a department relying on Outcomes for accreditation data and Canvas support itself has described this feature as "finicky". It's discouraging that this won't be worked on now, and that we're going to be working with a problematic feature for such an important data set.

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Hi,  @jbower2  & lse224.

I'm late to the conversation, but I've been reading through all the discussion threads, and this is essentially what I have recently proposed in .  My idea is a little different, but has the same essential goal.  Whether we could access the specific rubric data via csv file or Canvas Data, it doesn't matter to me.  I'm glad to know there are a lot of us asking for this kind of feature.  As many of us get charged with building a culture of assessment in our institutions, tools/features like this will go a long way toward achieving that end.
Thanks for the great ideas and discussion!

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I'm late to this party, but wanted to add my voice to this feature request.  We absolutely must be able to export rubric data from Canvas, whether through a report or in the Data Portal.  This is information that is being asked for by accrediting institutions and not being able to access it is a serious limitation of the Canvas product, rendering rubrics almost useless.  Why put data in that you can't get back out? Please reconsider working on this feature as soon as possible!

Would any users be willing to share additional information about methods they are using to export rubric scores, or even rubrics associated to courses/assignments?  We have started using Outcomes in 2016, but are using them to relate to degree program outcome mastery, not assignment rubric scores.