[Rubrics] outcomes and rubrics

Problem statement:

When adding an outcome to a rubric, there does not appear to be a way to format the text of the outcome criteria or ratings. Evidently this was possible before the recent update. Even going into outcomes from the menu and editing the ratings does not allow for many formatting options. The details of the ratings look like one block of text.

Proposed solution:

1. allow an outcome to be associated with a rubric that was already created without adding another criterion 2. allow for more robust editing of outcome rating in RCE

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Improved rubric creation and usability Theme Status: In Development

Community Team
Community Team

Hi! Part of your request can be aligned with  [Rubrics] Hyperlinks and Basic Formatting in Rubrics, but the Product Team will evaluate the portion regarding Outcomes.

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Community Explorer

@RaviKoll Could you help clarify "Themes."  From what I understand, community members vote biannually to help prioritize themes for feature development.  But what if it is a feature that used to work but is broken such as the one suggested above?  Editing of outcome rubrics existed (from my understanding) prior to the recent update.  Does it need to be voted on?  Thanks in advance for your help clarifying.