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Problem statement:

(not a problem currently). We are in process of migrating from another LMS to Canvas. One feature we had with our previous provider was a email report, after every successful SIS import and processing, sent to us on the admin level that contained: 1) Individual enrollments by user and course 2) Individual de-enrollments by user and course 3) Course sites created Example: INFO: removing Instructor: ub85b85 from 1232PPIA348ZM1 INFO: added Instructor ub32r94 to 1232PPIA348ZM1 INFO: removing Student: id87tp88 from 1232GAME324ZM1 INFO: added Student id70gb80 to 1232CMAT371B001 INFO: added new site: 1232APPL798085 (APPL 798.085 Sp23)

Proposed solution:

I would propose the same digest style email sent after each SIS import and update. It helps our Admin team keep an eye out for issues and help with registrar and financial aide requests.

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Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Will Not Consider

Hi @JK_UBalt -

Thank you for taking the time to share this idea with the Community.

Because you don't currently have an identified problem, we are going to encourage you to try the existing report. When you do, you are more than welcome to come back and further explain the problem and what you can't accomplish with the current reports. You can even reply to this thread and @mention me so I can find it easily. ‌🙂

For now, we are placing this thread in our Will Not Consider status.