[SIS] SIS Import Error/Warning Notification for Select Admins

Problem statement:

Currently if there are errors/warnings with SIS Imports, there is no notification sent to account admins. This requires either active monitoring of the SIS Imports and/or building a custom reporting/notification system to audit for errors/warnings. This can lead to some errors/warnings going unnoticed for a significant amount of time.

Proposed solution:

I am requesting that a notification option is added for account admins that have permission to manage SIS data and/or import SIS data (not all account admins necessarily), so they can be notified immediately in the following cases: - An SIS Import failed - An SIS Import has an error message - An SIS Import has a warning message

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Thanks for submitting your feature idea. This seems like it fits well into the "Improve engagement and awareness by adding new notifications" theme, so I've associated it under that.