[SpeedGrader] Add a Way to Group Comments in the Comment Library

The comment library feature is being used by faculty at my institution; however, as the number of comments continue to increase in the library, managing them becomes more difficult with no way of grouping or categorizing them by assignment (for example). We're suggesting that Canvas update the feature to include a tool that allows the instructor to organize the comments (similar to Studio and Collections). Thank you.

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Agreed! I have a lot of different assignments that I reuse from semester to semester. It would be great to be able to organize my comments by assignment.

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I am using the comments library feature much more this term and I would really appreciate the option to organize my library by assignment.  Thank you!

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It would definitely be helpful if specific comments could be grouped together.  Or even attached to a specific assignment, so that you could reuse them next year.  Right now it's very tedious scrolling through them all.

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It would be wonderful to make this feature more robust and nuanced. It could help instructors in large enrollment courses scale up their grading capacity - ALSO let's make these libraries more sharable and transferrable.

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A bulk/global library PLUS a separate library for each assignment would be super helpful to keep comments organized and making grading easier!

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Please considers adding a feature to organize comments. I know this has been suggested in the past. This would help the faculty tremendously. It would be great to be able to have separate assignment comments or at least comments categories (positive, negative, citation, formula, etc)

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I agree with the above comment. I have been a faculty member since 2005.  It seems that if the Test questions can be set up as drag and drop, that the comments could also be set up that way.  I teach two main courses and often add comments that go out to everyone depending on what questions they may have missed on a quiz.  Being able to put these comments in to order of different assignments or different courses would be a tremendous help.  Thanks for considering this change to make like easier for Faculty.  

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Yes, yes, yes! Let's goooo, Canvas. This would help a ton! Appreciate it ❤️

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We need folders or categories for the comment bank. I teach to separate classes and the comments I save go directly into the other courses. Can you please fix this?

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Agreed! I came to this forum just to recommend the exact same feature!