[SpeedGrader] Add a Way to Group Comments in the Comment Library

The comment library feature is being used by faculty at my institution; however, as the number of comments continue to increase in the library, managing them becomes more difficult with no way of grouping or categorizing them by assignment (for example). We're suggesting that Canvas update the feature to include a tool that allows the instructor to organize the comments (similar to Studio and Collections). Thank you.

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Love the idea of a comment bank, but it's currently unusable. Until there is a way to organize and sort the comments, it wastes more time for users to scroll through the (unending) list of comments to find the appropriate choice.

Right now, it's faster to type comments multiple times than to use the comment bank. The solution seems easy: organization. Some kind of folder or categories to keep the comments tidy and accessible would make this an outstanding feature instead of a cumbersome one.

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I am encouraged that this idea has thirty 5 star ratings and I hope it gets the attention from Canvas that it deserves. I second AlyxLyon's comment as well as many others: organization is the answer!

Thank you in advance, Canvas team for your prompt response to this.

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