[Speedgrader] Identify file in viewer for submissions with multiple files in Speed Grader

In the Speed Grader, when I'm viewing assignments that have multiple files uploaded, there is no indication about which file I'm currently looking at. Please incorporate a marker (title on the viewer page, or an indicator on the file names) so we can better keep up with our place in grading. 

A newly selected file is highlighted only until something else  (like the annotation tools or a rubric or the comment box) is clicked on. 

Screen shot is provided to show what the files look like. Having to go through and try to figure out where I was each time I need to move to the next file is not a productive use of my time. 

Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 4.24.08 PM.png

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yes, please. this would be very helpful. otherwise i have to click and reclick to accommodate my short, short-term memory. 

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I have student assignments that allow submissions as file uploads. When I grade these in Speedgrader, I see on the right a (large) list of files that the student uploaded. Often these have meaningless names that are a bundle of characters (like 1607755367.095722.jpg). When I am grading, the files appear, one by one, in the Docviewer window on the left. However, the file name does NOT show in the Docviewer, so it becomes very difficult to track which file I am viewing/grading, so I can know which file to click on next to open it.

Note that when I click on a file, it is highlighted by a blue border. But as soon as I click my cursor into the Docviewer (to scroll or leave a comment or enlarge), the highlight disappears. So then I no longer know which file is showing in the Docviewer.

What we need is for the name of the file that is currently showing in the viewer to appear in the top toolbar (along with other icons, like download, rotate, zoom, comment, etc.) (or some other appropriate, conspicuously visible place).

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I am an instructor and for my class students have to submit multiple uploads (pictures) for 1 assignment.  Once I open one of the uploads and interact with the Speed Grader editing tools, then I lose track of which upload I am viewing.  

Is there a way for the filename that you are viewing to appear in the top banner where the editing tools are located?

Or a way to highlight the name of the file that you are viewing from the list at the right?

This would be extremely useful, especially when there is a long list of uploads for one assignment.

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