[Speedgrader] Rich Text Editor in Speedgrader Comments

 Add the Rich Text Editor to the Comments section of Speedgrader.


"I want to recommend books, etc., or to properly format foreign words, and so on, and want to set the example, of course, of doing so properly.  Thank you"


"Instructors have told me they'd like formatting (bold, italic, colors) in the comment boxes in order to emphasize a statement without typing all caps (which seems like they're yelling at the students)."


"As an instructor in a virtual classroom I need to be able to make my communication with students richer to better get my points across.  Add rich text capabilities and allow me to make the Comment boxes larger while you are at it."



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Originally Posted By: Joshua Shannon
Special thanks for contributions by: Teri Portman, Albert Turner

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Adding GIFs would be a game-changer...like this right here instead of a link....come on! We are all image, video, and gif-oriented now!


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Could you add the ability to link text in the SpeedGrader comment box? When providing feedback it would be nice to link to screencast feedback as well as resources to help the students with growth and comprehension as well as real-world connections.

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It would be great to have a RCE with the feedback feature...Teachers would like the ability to include linked resources in student feedback.

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I understand how to attach a document that has italicized or underlined text, but I would appreciate being able to italicize or underline, say, titles of various literary or film works, etc directly on speed grader. It seems restrictive not to have this option, especially for English instructors and others who care about grammatical accuracy. I'd also like to be able to show corrections (as I do on Microsoft Word) for my students.


Thank you!

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YES Please!   Links in the feedback would be so helpful to students.

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It is exceedingly frustrating not be able highlight books titles in italics in all spaces in Canvas.  The grading comment box is just one space where one cannot do this, but there are others like the assignment title boxes or the pages title boxes.

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There needs to be a way to leave space between paragraphs.  If I type a return and start another paragraph it should appear this way to students too.  Plus, http addresses need to hyperlink.  Without these students get a blob of feedback and are less motivated to work through it.  I can't believe this was suggested in 2015 and is still a problem.  So much for advertising that Canvas is great for providing feedback!

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just with the spaces between paragraphs, do you mean in speedgrader? i just sent the test student two paragraphs separated by returns and the test student could see the returns in speedgrader. you mean they are strpped in canvas mail?

i agree with you the user interface is bad but I still put the web links in and prooceed them with 'copy into your browser'.


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This is an accessibility concern! You are unable to properly tag links. Here is a video I did for our Canvas Rep showing the tagging issue. Sorry for the casual nature, but this was an in-the-moment I have a frustration video.

Even this box allows me to link URL's correctly. Here is the Sample of the SpeedGrader Comment box issue.

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Seven years later and still a problem. I cannot tell my students to italicize titles if I cannot do the same. This has been out here for long enough!