Student PDF Annotations on Web Browser Version

Recently, a new feature was added to the Canvas App, which allows students to "mark-up" PDFs directly in Canvas and submit them. This is amazing! However, it s only a feature on the App, and not in the normal web browser version for students with Laptops or Desktops. This is a great feature that Canvas has, and I just wish the students at our school (who all have district-provided laptops) could do it too!

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

For more information, please read through the  Canvas Release Notes (2021-05-15).

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This is an absolute must, with schools across the country utilizing your platform and it only being available on the app is crazy. All grades need to be able to use a pdf annotation tool. Go to the Teachers of Canvas page on Facebook and look at the comments. See what we as teachers need for our students to thrive!

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Please, please add this feature. I can't walk littles through all the workarounds. 

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This needs to be added. Too many schools working with Chromebooks and whatever other devices that are not compatible with the app. PLEASE ADD.

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Please prioritize this!

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Yes - it would be nice to have a true web browser annotation tool built into canvas.  Currently, we are using adobe acrobat DC, Snap and Read, Kami and a new one i found tonight, xodo pdf annotator and it can be found at're%20free,context%20and%20go%20from%20there




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I need this NOW for my kids who are using district issued Chromebooks. Canvas, please get on this quickly! 

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PLEASE add the option for students to annotate PDFs.  This and sharing content are the only major issues I have with Canvas.  

This would be as easy as using the same interface that is already created for teachers in SpeedGrader, but for students to annotate assignments.  PLEASE!!!! This would take you all to yet another level and is an option in so many other LMSs.

Love you all.

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Yes! Please work on this - it will be SO helpful with remote learning. 

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Being able to annotate a pdf directly in Canvas is VITAL for primary grades, math and science. So many districts are now requiring Canvas for K-12 and have provided their students with laptops and Chromebooks. Having that option only on the app is NOT good enough. I am the Canvas support person at my school and it is a constant battle. You have already created the capability for the speed grader, now you need make it an option for assignment submissions. It is incredibly frustrating that this is not yet integrated. Navigating to other apps or uploading files are not options for the primary grades. FIX THIS PLEASE!

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There is one compelling reason why it needed to be implemented in the browser version initially and that is the fact that honorlock is only implementable from the chrome browser. Not implementing within  the chrome browser prevents this direct annotation tool from being available for honorlock-proctored examination, forcing the student out onto Acrobat, or worse pen and paper followed by phone-mediated scan. While the devedloper response might well be that they are dancing as fast as they can, nevertheless it would be nice to know the rationale. Thats a hint for the moderator to provide some feedback. Thanks