Student view: View submissions and comments for all submissions

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

Right now students can only view their most recently added submission to an assignment. This means that all previous submissions to the assignment are not available to students, including feedback that the instructors have provided. This is a big problem because students are losing critical information that could help promote learning and understanding.We need to eliminate this lossylearning problem and make all assignment submissions visible to students!
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The inability of students to see multiple submissions may be most embarassing issue we have with Canvas and something that desperately needs to be fixed.  Students get confused because they can't see the history of their submissions and faculty are literally wasting their time grading and putting comments into submissions that students cannot see.

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This design flaw has been unresolved for so long. How is this possible!?

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We've had canvas for 2 years. A total of maybe 2 major issues we had with it, that were basically feature requests, have been implemented. I read another is on the way, but it's not very well described in the release notes.

Often we're finding it's easier to write our own code and use the APIs - but this doesn't plug alll of the gaps.

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Please add this feature. Also, make it easier for students to see a larger copy of the document with annotated comments. This is elemental to teaching any subject which includes writing!

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I'm moving my course online mid-semester (for the obvious reason), and I am dismayed to learn that Canvas does not support instructor feedback on assignments. In my classes, I routinely have students submit revisions for homework assignments that are not quite correct the first time; obviously this requires detailed feedback and instructions. This works perfectly well in a classroom setting; I see no reason why it shouldn't work equally well online. 

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Yes, this is an especially critical feature to focus on now that so many classes are moving online!

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Please make this a priority.  It is a good learning experience to allow students to correct and resubmit assignments, but that learning is lost if students lose the ability to review their previous work.  As Kristen and Kurt have pointed out, this is essential now that so many classes are moving online.

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So odd, I really thought students could see both submissions until I tested further.  I have a test student and when I masquerade as that student I can see two submissions and their annotations.  Why was my student able to see this when viewing submission details?  Yet I see this is not true for students in other situations.


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It depends on if you are masquerading on an iPad or iPhone. The apps are

different from the online version of Canvas. If a student is only

viewing on the online version of Canvas, they can only see the latest

upload. If they are on the app version, they can see all their submissions.

My students are 1:1 and still prefer to use the online version. The

platforms are very different. Even as an instructor, they are different.

Sometimes, I prefer to use the app on iPad, but most often I use the online

version on my laptop.

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This is causing significant issues. So many teachers annotating work and the student never sees it as they resubmit. It's not fair on the learner or the educator. Not fair on the parent who is also told there is feedback on their child and can't see it. We use Canvas with our Prep students too for Remote Learning. Please fix this as a priority.