[Studio] Allow 1.25x speed for videos

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With classes going online, it has been incredibly helpful to watch and rewatch lectures on my own time. However, especially in my current class, my professor talks quite slowly. I can easily become restless while rewatching lectures, and I often will speed up the video to 1.5x speed to keep my mind engaged.


However, while 1.5x is better than 1x, I sometimes get confused and lost. An option to play videos at 1.25x speed would be the perfect middle ground between 1x and 1.5x, significantly improving my studying process and allowing me to be more time efficient while staying engaged with the material.


While most other video streaming services (like YouTube) offer a 1.25x speed option, Canvas does not. I know this would be an incredibly simple addition, and yet it would offer a lot of value to my education. 


Thank you!


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 @jonahclarsen  Welcome to the Canvas Community!

Thanks for sharing this; it's now open for broader community consideration and discussion. In the interim, some of my colleagues have added the Video Speed Controller extension to their Chrome browsers to accomplish this.

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Often 1x speed is too slow, and 1.5x speed is too fast. 1.25x speed would be great.

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Also, half speed even when the speaker is talking really fast is too slow for many folks. Please consider adding a 3/4-speed option.

Thank you.

--Bryan Alfaro


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I totaly agree with this.

It should also be able to have the speed options (x0.75), (x1.25) and (x1.75).

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Please change the video functions. Let me watch at 1.75x & allow me to go back either 5 or 10 seconds. It goes back 5 min right now

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I agree:   Often 1x speed is too slow, and 1.5x speed is too fast. 1.25x speed would be great.

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If a student watches at 1.25 times the normal speed, should the insights show that they watched 80% of the video?

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We've had feedback from students that the 0.5 speed playback button in Studio can slur the speech of the audio - and that students who are either on a support plan or that English isn't their native language, find it difficult to listen back.

To make Studio more inclusive for all users, I'd like to make a request for a 0.75 and 1.75x speed button - to give students more control to listen to a Studio file and meet a speed that suits them. 

I'd also like to request a 5 seconds rewind button - to also make it easier for students to skip back to parts of the video, rather than struggle to select part of the video on the timeline randomly and scroll through the player.

Having these 3 buttons would make Studio more inclusive for all learners and up to date with other media tools.

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Much needed!