[Studio] Make Annotations Clickable on Studio timeline

Problem statement:

One of the coolest recent features I feel that Studio has adopted to enhance its learning value is for the instructor to add annotations to the timeline. These can be used to hyperlink to an external weblink of relevant usefulness, or to mark the beginning or end of "chunks" of learning in a lengthy recording. To accommodate a student who had an excuse to be absent for a once-a-week class, I recorded the lecture and placed annotation "bullets" on the timeline for the aforementioned purposes. I have seen evidence (through Studio analytics) that the student has watched the video. But I have also discovered that he cannot select any of the bulleted annotations to skip to portions of the video. He has to scrub the timeline, which is not easy to do in Studio.

Proposed solution:

I believe it would provide both a convenience and enhancement to learning for the student to skip around the timeline of a lengthy Studio video by selecting (clicking) annotations (in the form of timeline bullets or bubbles) created by the instructor. At least it would be useful to click on an annotation and reveal its information on the screen for the student (if any provided by the instructor), to make decisions for purposes of self-paced learning. "Self-paced" is a concept that we need to remind ourselves is fundamental to online learning. Thanks for listening, Glen Gummess, Ed.D. University of St. Francis, Joliet, IL

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What about being able to set dates and times for asynchronous assignments for multiple assignments at the same time to save time setting each assignment individually if multiple assignments are due by the same date there should be a way to highlight all of the assignments wanted and be able to change due date, available from and closed to for them all simultaneously.

This will save time,



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In relation to the calender, I think there is another useful tool that might be added. So usually when I use my calendar to set a to-do list, I am not only able to see what I have scheduled for myself but I am able to check off things I have done. Now I know canvas has a function where completed items are checked off as assignments are done. But I think it would be a great tool to be able to manually check off items that don't necessarily have an assignment attached. For example, I have assigned readings and assignments that take place through another website like Pearson. It would be beneficial to be able to check these off manually so that when I am going through my calendar looking at to-dos I can visually see that they are checked off like an assignment that would have taken place through the canvas.

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@GGummess and @KristinL, Yes! Video annotation is a great feature but a missed opportunity to extend its flexibility by allowing viewers to click on dots in the timeline to jump to the associated annotation. Making the annotations clickable in the timeline would provide section/chapter jump points in the video, providing the option to choose which segments to watch. Secondly, identify the annotation in the timeline by enabling a hovering action to display the title. 


Two of the suggestions from my admin @MichelleBarber have been:

Studio quiz - 
  • Add the ability to add annotations along with the quiz questions
  • Allow for open-ended questions.  These would then be teacher graded. 
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