[User Settings] Allow User to Add Their Name Pronunciation to Profile (phonetically + audio file)

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas LMS

I am a high school teacher, and it would be wonderful if all users had a “speaker” icon that they could use to record their name pronunciation in their own voice. This feature could be part of the User Profile dashboard. Canvas could also provide a field for users to phonetically spell their names. I thought these features would be helpful to staff, allowing them to learn how to pronounce students' names and provide an inclusive environment from the very first day of school.

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I second this--I have a lot of international students and it would be nice to not butcher their names. 

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This is a great idea.  In introductory surveys, I typically ask for pronunciation hints, but it would be better for students to just do this once as part of their account.  A recording option is also a great thought.

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What a lovely idea. We have a lot of international students too, it would be wonderful to be able to know how to pronounce their names correctly. It would help with inclusivity and diversity. Gosh, this would also mean that my own name may also be pronounced correctly. I need this in my everyday F2F life too!

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I think this would me a great idea since some people have odd last names....like me!

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Love this idea!

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I support this idea, too. It seems like a natural enhancement to the profile page and is in the same theme as their release of the Personal Pronouns feature. 

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This way teachers do not need to post an assignment for students each year!

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I vote this up!

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As a school counselor, this would be a phenomenal addition which we could use for the entirety of their time in high school -- including ceremonies and graduation.