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I would like to be able to edit comments that I make in the speed grader on student assignments.  Often I find myself wanting to correct a type, or amending a phrase.  The only possible way to do it now is to make a new comments.  I keep looking for an editing feature similar to the way we can modify announcements.

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It would save so much time rather than deleting the existing comment and doing a completely new comment!

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Those interested in commenting functionality may also be interested in: Import Grade Comments

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This is marked as solved and deployed, but i cant find how to edit the comments in the right sidebar of the speedgrader. Can anybody tell me how this works?

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The Edit function for assignment comments is part of the New Gradebook, and is described in the Edit Comment section of https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-16552-4152813640 

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As far as I can, it's possible to edit a comment in the "New Gradebook" view but it's still not possilbe in Speed Grader. 

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This feature is not quite up to par. In addition to comments above, we at UBC have observed that when editing the comment through the gradebook for a group assignment, it only edits it for one group member at a time. I have submitted https://community.canvaslms.com/t5/Idea-Conversations/Group-Assignment-Comments-Fix-Edit-Workflow/id...

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Note on this from one of my faculty:

Here's a quick unsolicited suggestion for Canvas: it would be nice if there were an edit function on comments in SpeedGrader.  It's not a big deal; if I make a mistake after submitting, I just copy the comment, delete the original, past the text back into the comment and edit it, but it would be a click or two easier if I could just edit the comment.

The work around of having to go to the gradebook to edit the comments adds even more clicks than copy/delete/paste and edit/resubmit

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