extend quiz times per student, not just per quiz.

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I know that quiz times can be changed/extended by going into each quiz and selecting the student to grant more time ('moderate a quiz').  However, this can prove tedious if you know that one student (or many for that matter), are going to need more time in ALL a course's quizzes than other students.  Not just one quiz at a time.  A great feature would be to be able to go into a student's settings and extend the quiz times in one fell swoop, if that makes sense.  Now, one has to go to each quiz, "moderate it", then select that student and change the quiz time. Repeat for every course quiz.




Curtis Finnegan, LBCC, Albany, Oregon

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Legally, institutions have to provide extended time for students with certain disabilities.  At many higher-ed institutions this is in the form of double time on quizzes and tests.  We have situations that may call for 1.5x, 2x, or even 4x extension and that is across the board for an entire course.  This is a very tedious process for instructors and they may be requested by the disability office to do this at any time during a course for a student for assignments from that point on.  This is typically during the first two weeks, when things are usually pretty crazy with add/drop and other things that happen in the beginning of a course.

Possible positive results of adding this feature idea:

  • More streamlined, accurate process for faculty
  • Less resentment towards disability office staff
  • Less frustration and time for students to wait for their additional time
  • Happier students and faculty.

How this will help faculty:

Instructors then have to go in to "Moderate" and extend the time for each student for each quiz.  Perhaps they have one quiz per week, a midterm and a final.  They have one student that they give accommodations to for 18 assessments.  Then maybe the second week of class they get another letter for another student.  They have to go into each of those same tests and give accommodations for that student.  This causes a lot of frustration for the student, who is depending on the instructor to quickly and accurately make these changes.  This leaves open the door for mistakes such as the instructor missing a quiz, giving accommodations to the wrong student, or typing in an incorrect number of minutes for the extension.  The student is then in a situation where they have to either tell the instructor or the disability office, which is awkward for them. , which also causes resentment towards the disability office at times.

How this will help students:

This process becomes easier and less error-prone for faculty.  They do not need to fear resentment or retaliation because the instructors are having to do a lot of extra work to provide them with their accommodation.  This process would take only minutes for the instructor vs. possibly hours so the student would be able to take the assessments more quickly.

Mock-ups of possible implementation: 

Having the ability for an instructor, perhaps on the quiz page, have a "Moderate Accommodations" menu option?


And on that screen, have a way to modify the accommodation requirement course-wide:


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Renee, thanks for the good news from my post earlier today!

Here is a link from our DSS office about the accommodations required by the Office of Civil Rights.

Questions and Answers on Disability Discrimination under Section 504 and Title II

As an online adjunct, I've actually had to be interviewed regarding a student accommodation by OCR due to a student civil rights complaint related to a disability.  It wasn't fun.

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Of note, if you are in search of *percentage* changes in quiz times,  @cwendt ​'s idea is not exactly equivalent. It asks for raw timing additions, which is the API call mentioned earlier in the thread.

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This would be extremely helpful for our entire institution! When users need additional time on a quiz, they need it in every quiz in every class. This has always been a major pain point with instructors who have to moderate one quiz at a time for the students.

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This should be a fairly easily feature to implement. This is a VERY common issue that plagues K-12 teachers and could be accommodated similarly to how it is done in the Moodle LMS. Its implementation would be a HUGE time saver for teachers with many quiz assessments.

Implementation of the feature could be done by simply adding a group option (rather than just individual students) that is under the Moderation of each quiz. Then create a group for the students that have time and a half accommodations, maybe name the group something like "Extra Time" or "Accommodation Group" or IEP students".

This way you don't have to go into each quiz every year and define the extra time and/or attempts for each individual student. You can just define the extra time for the group one time and then at the beginning of the year you just go into your group and delete out last years students and add the new students. Easy and simple. The quizzes will all still retain the settings to allow extra time to any students in that group.

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We are getting this question again from faculty.  I know this was archived but is there any chance we can revisit this one?

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BROEKERC​, you (or someone) would have to resubmit the idea. However, before you do that, please visit , read through the comments there and see if it might meet your needs. It is under consideration at present.

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Thanks,  @cwendt ​, but  we were actually told that this was the idea for this and no need for voting again as noted in your feature idea.  I did make a new one and was told it was a duplicate...just hoping to get some feedback for the status Of this one as it is distinct from the other. 

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Maybe a quicker and easier way for this to be done is to move the "Time limit" option into the "Assign" section of the Quiz edit.

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Community Team
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I know this request has come up at the beginning of ever semester since we have adopted Canvas. Having the ability to extend quiz times per student and not just per quiz and would be very beneficial at most schools! I know this is on the Product Radar but was wondering on any updates.