File upload issue in quiz on canvas student app

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Hello everyone, 

We are trying to use the file upload option on the quizzes we create for our course and encountered a weird issue on the canvas student app only.

When the students are accessing the quiz from the student app, sometimes the web version of the quiz is coming to them instead of the mobile app version. In ee

very quiz which has the web version of it on the student app, the file upload button is unresponsive. Nothing happens when we click it.

The weird part is its not happening to all our quizzes and its randomly happening to few of them. So we couldn't figure out what is causing the web version of quiz to show up on the mobile app when students see that quiz. I have attached two pictures. The one with the vertical icon before question is the mobile version. The one with the horizontal icon before the question is the web version. 

This issue is driving us nuts and we cant identify the root cause. Any help in this is much appreciated.

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi Accord - Thank you for taking the time to explain this issue! I understand that the mobile team at Instructure is aware of the issue and are working on a fix. Keep an eye on the Release Notes: Mobile‌ for updates. 

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