How to delete my student from the Canvas Parent app

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I downloaded the Canvas Parent app and added my student.  I now get all her Canvas notification emails and there is not an option with the parent app to adjust notifications.  (and I don't want to change her settings) The main IT helpline at her district told me they can't do this and to call her school.  The school says they can't do this and to contact Canvas.


1. Who can I call to delete my Canvas app and/or remove the student from my account so I stop getting multiple emails a day to my personal email account.

2. Or is it possible to do this myself - I don't see that option anywhere in the app.

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Hello @help1234565 

Thank you for contacting the Instructure Community. We're sorry to hear you've been experiencing issues with removing the student from your observer account. You can now remove the student from your account - here is the update with pictures and steps on how to do so:

If you want to stop receiving notifications, you can update those and disable everything which also should effectively stop any notifications:

If you want to delete the app, you can do so on your device. If you want your account completely deleted you'll want to speak with the school directly. Hopefully this helps! 

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