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A couple questions about Immersive Reader:

1.  We noted that the IR button does not appear on the Home (front) page.  However, looking at the same page under Pages, it appears on the front page there.  Is this normal?

2.  Does the IR function appear in the apps, student or teacher?


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Hi @kburkes 

Yes, one of the limitations of the Immersive Reader Beta is that the link will not appear on the home page. Also, a mobile version of the IR is not yet available. Immersive reader is a beta product from Microsoft. I find it incredibly useful, but can't wait for final development of the product.

You can learn more from Microsoft at Microsoft Immersive Reader.

You can learn more about it from Canvas at How do I use the Microsoft Immersive Reader when viewing a page as an instructor?

Good luck,


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