Is it possible to annotate and markup a course document (not assignment) for all students to see?

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One of my main practices as a teacher is to prepare questions for in-class discussion on .pdf files, and in class, I will write on those files (using my iPad and stylus) and upload pictures of student work so that students have a record of our class discussion. Currently, I am using online platforms like ConceptBoard or, more recently, Drawboard PDF, but the free versions of these are limited, and it requires students to log into yet another platform.

I'd like to be able to mark up these PDF documents from within canvas, similar to how we can mark up student assignment, in such a way that all students can see the markup and annotations from within Canvas. Currently, it looks like I can draw on a course document in the iPad app, but that markup seems to only exist on my iPad, and no one else can see the markup (even my own account, logged into my desktop, cannot see the markup on the file. Is there any way to use this functionality in such a way that all users can see the markup on course documents? Thanks!

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